Control Over Gun Possession and Gambling

What Law Would You Add?

The current levels of gun violence in the United States have reached their pinnacle with the recent onslaught of mass shootings. Therefore, changing the current regulation addressing the possession of guns is overdue. The introduction of the gun control law will enhance the security of citizens, allowing people to enjoy their basic right to personal safety. Indeed, watching a news report is enough to realize that gun violence has reached drastic levels in the states where carrying weapons is allowed. By eliminating the law from the existing legal system, one will introduce additional protection measures for safeguarding the lives of citizens.

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Does Your Law Address a Significant Social Problem, or Does It Expose the Rest of Us to your Personal Aesthetic Tastes, Your Religious Beliefs, or Personal Pet Peeves?

While it would be unfair to claim that the proposed regulation is not subjective in the least, it also comes from a place of reason and allows addressing a complex social problem. My personal philosophy excludes the concept of carrying forearms as an admissible notion, yet I also use the current evidence from the states where guns are allowed to support the suggested changes in gun control regulation. The cases of mass shootings have become dramatically more numerous over the past few decades, leading to the deaths of hundreds of innocent people, a lot of whom are children. Therefore, imposing more rigid restrictions on the idea of carrying firearms should be seen as a critical step that has to be taken in order to ensure that vulnerable people are protected.

Indeed, even a brief overview of the subject matter will prove that the availability of firearms has a deleterious effect on the levels of public safety. The increase in the number of mass shootings that take place in schools and other public places warrants the necessity to limit people’s access to guns. Thus, the case under analysis represents a situation in which personal convictions align with the voice of reason.

Why Is This Something Important to Consider?

The reasons for the gun control issue to be considered important are self-explanatory. Without a rigid set of standards that limit people’s ability to access guns, the probability of mass shootings, casualties, or any other situations that involve injuries and victims will be avoided. Thus, the general threat to the public well-being will be reduced significantly. One might make a very slim argument about promoting the concept of orderliness and the idea of abiding by the law as the premises for reducing gun violence instead. However, since ensuring that every individual will acquire the needed values and qualities to abstain from jeopardizing others’ lives is impossible, introducing gun control is critical to the well-being of citizens.

What Law Would You Remove?

In turn, several regulations that might have been seen as reasonable at first turned out to cause more concerns than they may have contributed to the development of the community. Allowing gambling and related activities is one of those laws that shape public [perception of criminal justice as a notion (Fuller 5). After evaluating the extent of the economic problems that the enhancement of gambling organizations has caused, as well as the subsequent drop in the efficacy of other businesses due to the loss of competitiveness and attractiveness to local residents, the reintroduction of gambling into the realm of banned business activities should be deemed as a sensible step to take.

Why Would You Remove This Law?

While removing the ban on casinos and other forms of gambling should be seen as an important method of increasing the state revenue and improving its economic status, it also affects other forms of entrepreneurship. Due to the rise in the levels of tourism that the opening of casinos will entail, options for economic growth and a rapid improvement in the state revenues can be expected (Fuller 7). However, the propensity to attract candidates solely to the entertainment industry makes it barely possible for other organizations to survive, which causes a halt to the economic development of the state.

Thus, seeing how negative the effects of reintroducing gambling to the target environment are, one will need to concede that the ban of casinos in the state’s entertainment industry and the local market is a necessary step. Changing the regulation will entail an array of positive effects on the local economy and will lead to a shift in the economic growth levels within the community (Fuller 8). The problem of unemployment, which has been developing in the specified setting for several years, will be addressed by small businesses opening and creating employment opportunities for citizens.

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Finally, the drop in the numbers of tourists from other states will lead to a rise in the environmental well-being of the community. The results of the changes in the regulation that allows casinos in the state are sufficient to recall the law and replace it with a set of stringent standards for entertainment companies in the local market. As a result, one may expect improvements in the state economy.

What Are the Social Consequences for Removing This Law (e.g. What Might Happen If This Behavior Is Not Illegal)?

It is worth keeping in mind that the removal of the described prohibition may entail several social consequences that can be defined as negative. For example, people may find it an infringement upon their rights to prohibit gambling. In addition, in the long term, the development of resilience toward gambling can be expected once casinos are established within the state, ensuring local law enforcement as Fuller interprets it (9). While constant exposure to casinos may incline people to gamble, the absence of any temptations will allow citizens to rethink their attitude toward casino activities and engage in less addictive hobbies, thus building a healthier community.

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