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COVID-19 Effects: Closure of National Parks


Social distancing has led to the closure of three national parks. Such a measure is intended to minimize the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Public health authorities have been implementing diverse measures. Such aspects of nature are capable of delivering numerous health benefits.

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In the article “3 of the Busiest National Parks Close amid Coronavirus Outbreak”, Vigdor explains why different authorities have decided to close national parks. Such a move is intended to address the issues associated with COVID-19. If different stakeholders fail to implement the relevant measures, this disease will claim more lives. Despite the measures, many people present regarding covid-19, effective guidelines for social distancing are needed to ensure that more American national parks remain open during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Many people are currently forced to stay indoors due to the ongoing pandemic. New guidelines aimed at protecting lives have emerged in the recent past, including social distancing and wearing of masks. The WHO has been keen to offer additional measures that are capable of protecting lives (“Exercise is Essential for Well-Being during COVID-19 Pandemic”). Such measures are evidence-based and capable of overcoming the challenge of COVID-19. The role of policymakers and government agencies is essential to ensure that positive results are recorded.

The closed national parks include Yellowstone, the Great Smoky Mountains, and Grand Teton. The health officials in Montana and Wyoming made such deliberations as one of the measures to fight COVID-19 (Vigdor). These parks have been receiving millions of visitors annually from the country and across the region. This information means that such facilities attract many visitors annually. Many Americans acknowledge that new strategies are essential to address the ongoing pandemic. When more people stay at home, the chances of reducing the percentage of infections and deaths associated with this disease at the national level will increase.

It is evident that COVID has the potential to claim lives if the relevant agencies and officials fail to put evidence-based measures in place. Experts involved in decision-making processes consider some of the proposed initiatives to reopen such parks. Although scientists and researchers have minimum information about COVID-19, it is also agreeable that the global economy is at stake (Bresler). Due to the ongoing trade wars with China and the changes arising from this disease, the US economy is under threat (Madrid). Opening different parks will allow people to overcome most of the challenges associated with lockdowns, such as boredom and depression.

The standard response is that national parks should remain closed in an effort to control COVID-19. New guidelines could encourage people to engage in social distancing (McKie). Individuals will have to wash their hands and wear masks. I believe that such measures will ensure that the targeted parks pursue their goals diligently while at the same time supporting the ongoing fight against COVID-19 (“Visiting Parks and Recreational Facilities”). The presented model will guide other organizations to open and meet the demands of more citizens.

Many Asian and European countries have reopened most of their facilities, programs, and activities without the need to lock or quarantine people. The international community is also engaging in continuous research to find a vaccine for this disease. The American government can, therefore, institute and present powerful measures to guide people to maintain the required social distance whenever they are in public places. Such procedures will guide citizens to overcome the negative impacts of lockdown outlined above (“Exercise is Essential for Well-Being during COVID-19 Pandemic”). The collaboration of stakeholders will present superior measures to deal with this pandemic.

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My opinion is that it is wrong to close national parks since such a move will limit people’s options for relaxing and overcoming the issues associated with this pandemic (Tufekci). Visitors of such places can maintain social distance, wear masks, and consider the recommended practices to improve personal hygiene. However, some experts and analysts have presented divergent views that try to challenge such a decision since some Americans might congregate and fail to observe the proposed social distancing measures.

The presented measures fail to consider the impacts of lockdown measures on the economy and how Americans have been losing their jobs at an unprecedented rate. Additionally, individuals might develop new health complications associated with the lack of fresh air and exercising (Vigdor). These challenges explain why different authorities and policymakers need to open areas of recreation, including national parks and game reserves (“Be #TetonSafe, Be Outside”). The case of China explains how reopening could be achieved while keeping the number of new infections as low as possible.

With proper guidelines and training, more Americans will be willing to protect themselves by wearing protective clothing or equipment, considering the benefits of masks, and taking the idea of social distancing seriously. Such individuals can sensitize others about the importance of the suggested measures and how they will transform the current situation. Consequently, they will benefit from fresh air and boost their immunities (“Exercise is Essential for Well-Being during COVID-19 Pandemic”). These achievements will make it easier for the U.S. to fight this pandemic successfully.


This article has described how the decision to close several American national parks remains divisive during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the suggestion to open such facilities may seem trivial, it is crucial in terms of today’s concerns over the economy and wellbeing of the greatest number of citizens. When more people receive the relevant instruction to maintain social distance, they will breathe clean oxygen, improve their immunities, and make it easier for this country to defeat this invincible disease that continues to claim lives across the globe.


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