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Impact of COVID-19 on People’s Lives

The global coronavirus pandemic has turned people’s lives upside down since last year. Since then, the situation has seemed to improve as people have learned to adjust to circumstances, but it still causes much discomfort in society. Despite all the real-world tragedies, COVID-19 will long be evaluated by sociologists as a genuine test for humanity. Emerging as an unforeseen shock, it provided a unique opportunity to witness the interaction of the healthcare system, politics, and the economy. COVID-19 exposes socio-economic inequality, public health issues, and other acute problems and may increase their scope in the near future. Therefore, it is vital to elaborate the mitigation plan to prepare society for dealing with the pandemic impacts.

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The pandemic caused not only physical damage but also spread significant mental distress among people. It has triggered unconscious reactions to the daily phenomena; the quarantine exposed numerous childhood traumas, emotional depletion, and in-home conflicts. Besides, people are still recovering from the post-traumatic events that occurred in the beginning of COVID-19 spread. Thus, the pandemic acts as a mental health booster, with stress remarkably increasing in young and adult people.

From Freud’s perspective, it can be assumed that people have turned to the first stage of development named the id. It is the primary developmental step which poses survival as a pivotal aim. It is asserted that once the pandemic emerged, individuals’ sole goal was satisfying their basic needs to ensure safety (Kendall, 2018). However, over time, the population realized that survival could not be the only way to lead a life and moved on to the ego or superego stages. For example, some people started exercising, eating healthy food, while others resorted to meditation and prayer. Humanity was divided into two groups: those looking for new perspectives and those deprived of them.

Considering how the pandemic impacted society, it is necessary to create a mitigation plan relying on human development’s sociological and social psychological theories. First, it is vital to remember that people are incredibly vulnerable to new threats, and their mental health is most exposed to depletion. Therefore, for the population not to experience stress, the country should provide psychological assistance. In addition, a person must maintain self-control and develop the self-discipline to stay healthy. They can start exercising, eating healthy, relaxing, and devoting time to their favorite activities. Psychological comfort can be enhanced by meditation or prayer because spiritual practices help people overcome difficult times. Ultimately, the central part of mitigating the effects of COVID-19 is to follow hygiene procedures and comply with restriction measures carefully.

The pandemic made me reevaluate my principles and attitudes to numerous aspects of life. For example, I learned to value every moment spent with my family and friends. I also reconsidered t the importance of doctors and nurses, retail and delivery workers. These are things that should not be taken for granted, and I hope that the changes in our views and priorities will be one of the most beneficial consequences of this challenging period.

In summation, the global pandemic forced people to change their lifestyles, impacted every societal institution, and caused much physical and mental discomfort. However, the proper provision of material help, psychological assistance, and developing self-discipline are vital in terms of minimizing the coronavirus’ effects on oneself and society. Although the plan of action seems unsophisticated, it should be remembered that they can affect society by changing their daily habits.


Kendall, D. (2018). Sociology in our times: The essentials (11th ed.). Cengage.

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