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Craig-Dacey Formal Debate on the Existence of God

In the dispute is born truth. Socrates

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The world of man is full of various things to excite the imagination and personal way of thinking. People tend to adhere to their own opinion so that to incline others to follow their prospects on the problem. Thus, in society, namely, in antique times, people got accustomed to the idea that every notion or a glimpse of a definite issue should be discussed from two controversial parts, which serve to maintain equilibrium between opponents and let the audience and different observers judge who is the winner in this very discussion. In such a way, debates appeared.

The debates between William Lane Craig and Peter Atkins describe a vital discussion or polemics which touches upon the universal and entire theme for or against God’s existence in the world of people and everything concerned with people. Professor William Lane Craig represents the apology of God’s existence. On the other hand, professor Peter Atkins stands for the atheist approach according to this question. It is useful to put in the picture both opponents’ standpoints emphasizing their views. William Lane Craig gives five “good pieces of evidence” or reasons to support his viewpoint.

Origin of Universe. Here Professor Craig explains the facts of universe creation, which “began to exist,” but exists entirely without some reasons, such as “Big Bang,” for example.

The complex order in the Universe. In fact, physical processes are under the highest universal order and control. They cannot be destroyed.

Objective moral values. If God does not exist, does morality exist for both theists and atheists?

Historical facts concerning the life and death of Jesus. There is too much evidence of Jesus’s existence in Palestine, one of which is a shroud of Turin.

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The immediate experience of God. It is a personal issue in a man’s life when the conditions and circumstances help people to feel God on the level of the soul.

Dr. Peter Atkins adheres in his speech to the simplicity of the antique times. In his understanding, everything “in and out of the extent of the soul” can be made out without the prescription of God’s presence.

The science, as he thinks, yet cannot give enough evidence and acknowledgments along with explanations about many complex processes and facts which are not positively learned. Many so-called theories can fairly be just hypotheses because of a lack of detailed information about difficult physical facts. “Science is a representation of true explanation.” The prospect of energy and material number in the universe is one of Atkins’ controversial examples supporting his atheist idea. “Nothing did indeed come from nothing” is one of Peter Atkins’ statements which are present in his book “Creation.” These are, according to Dr. Craig, just illogic words being similar to metaphysical persuasions of ancient philosophers being too far from the scientific and technologic researches of today.

Thus, it is seen that the approaches and facts, along with their explanations of Dr. William Lane Craig, are more convincing in contrast with Atkins’ ones. This is due to the manner of representation which Craig chose separating the constituent parts, such as the introduction of every point to support the idea, their evaluation, and repetition in the form of conclusive narration. Dr. Peter Atkins, on the other hand, is too monotonous in his speech. However, his facts and arguments are presented in the form ad absurdum. Being a neutral listener, one cannot but deny Atkins’ ideas and accept Craig’s ones.

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