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Creating a Job Description as a Function of a Manager


Hiring highly qualified personnel is a challenging task for present-day companies. It is usually addressed through the involvement of the human resource (HR) management, and their participation implies the development of appropriate job descriptions reflecting business priorities and needs. Therefore, successful talent acquisition is the sole responsibility of organizations’ managers since they are aware of all specificities of work and the requirements for prospective candidates.

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Job Description as a Function of Management

The relation of job descriptions’ creation to the functions of HR management is explained by the fact that these details reflect future positions’ circumstances. They include performance evaluations, different compensation types, and available training and recruitment options (Tyler, 2013). Moreover, these documents ensure competitive advantage, which can is as critical as the work itself (Chungyalpa & Karishma, 2016). Hence, in the conditions of growing markets, their creation becomes the managers’ responsibility.

Components of an Effective Performance Management System


The first component of a good job description is the provision of tasks to be performed by employees. Its contribution to the company’s effective management is conditional upon the need to match one’s willingness to meet the business’ goals and the duties corresponding to them (Taylor, 2013). In this way, the attention of employers to this aspect correlates with their expectations regarding others’ work outcomes.

Tools and Technology

The second factor affecting the performance is the use of tools and technology, which is also a part of a job description. Its inclusion in the document is a guarantee of people’s ability to cope with daily tasks requiring the involvement of specific technological solutions or equipment (Taylor, 2013). Hence, it complements them by increasing the chances for a potential employee’s suitability to an organization.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs)

The third aspect considered by HR managers preparing job descriptions is the presence of necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities. Their combination reflects the candidates’ capability to not only apply the existing competencies but also acquire new expertise (Taylor, 2013). Alongside the tasks and technology, they present a solid basis for one’s suitability to a company’s strategic goals and, therefore, increase the probability of their fulfillment.

Education Requirements

The fourth circumstance affecting the ultimate selection of workers is education, and its requirements are supposed to be aligned with the performed duties. It is directly connected to businesses’ outcomes and included in the list of principal characteristics when searching for a job (“Occupational Outlook Handbook,” n.d.). Hence, their importance allows adding them to the factors positively affecting the profitability of enterprises, which pay attention to one’s degree.

Legal Components in a Job Description

A job description’s legal aspect is addressed through a series of measures prohibiting discrimination based on personal information. It incorporates such considerations as an employee’s race, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, and many others (“Employers,” n.d.). The compliance of a company’s representation with these conditions is necessary since the given components are included in federal laws (“Employers,” n.d.). In this way, their breach is unacceptable, and proper management should help avoid it.

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Assessment Methods and Organizational Objectives

When recruiting, candidates are assessed through different methods such as employment tests or physical examination. The former is implemented to ascertain vital characteristics, whereas the latter is optional and used mostly for the military or police service (Chungyalpa & Karishma, 2016). Their appropriateness for the regulations of a particular company is conditional upon evaluating the field’s specificities. Therefore, these techniques allow meeting organizational objectives by verifying employees’ compliance with duties.


To summarize, creating a job description is a critical initiative, and HR managers are responsible for it. They elaborate such provisions as tasks, tools and technology, KSAs, and education requirements to hire suitable workers. Moreover, the professionals are guided by federal laws connected to discrimination and apply assessment methods varying depending on one’s job. Thus, the respect for the mentioned regulations contributes to the recruitment of qualified personnel.


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