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Marketing Manager Job Description and Total Compensation

Job Summary

A manager working in a marketing department has to be involved in the formation and shaping of the organization’s marketing initiatives. This is a leadership position that includes people and resources management for the purpose of helping the organization retain the existing customers and attract new ones. The manager will be in charge of marketing staff – a team of creative professionals and will be focused on using their skills and abilities to promote the company’s products. Moreover, the manager’s duties include working with media organizations and advertising agencies to lead promotional projects. Finally, the manager also has to direct marketing research of the organization for the purpose of improving marketing initiatives and products.

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Job Requirements

A successful candidate for this position will match one of the following education requirements:

  • A Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) with a business- or marketing-focused specialization
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Business with a specialization in Marketing
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Marketing

PCM and SMEI certifications would be a significant benefit though are not necessary. Additional courses in accounting, statistics, management, finance, business law, and economics will increase a candidate’s chances to get the position.

The following list contains the skills that a candidate needs to possess to gain the position:

  • Leadership skills
  • Creativity
  • People management
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Budgeting
  • Time- management

Job Functions

  • Manages the activities performed within the marketing department
  • Coordinates marketing campaigns with media activities and with sales strategies
  • Develops the organization’s marketing strategy and aligns it with the organizational goals, objectives, mission, and vision
  • Works in collaboration with advertisement agencies and media organizations focusing on product promotion activities
  • Plans organizes, and implements marketing campaigns
  • Supervises the creation and publication of marketing materials aligned with the organization’s marketing plans
  • Prepares presentations of upcoming and existing marketing campaigns
  • Manages marketing budget of the entire organization
  • Participates in activities focused on brand management and organizational image
  • Plans and oversees marketing research projects
  • Supervises analytical activities focused on strategic partnerships in company marketing initiatives

Other Information

Project management skills and training are other important skills that will add to the advantage of candidates competing for this position. Moreover, several years of related professional experience is a necessary requirement. The additional KSAs include public speaking skills, adaptability, flexibility, multitasking, analytic skills, attention to detail, writing and oral presentation skills.

Pay Scale and Compensation Plans

In order to offer competitive salaries, the company has to research national, regional, and local pay scales. At the national level, the mid-level marketing managers’ salaries are rather diverse and differ significantly from one state to another. In Arizona, the range is between $30.000 and $78.000. At the local level, Scottsdale companies are limited to the $40,236 – $77,736 range (“Marketing Manager in Scottsdale Salary,” 2018).

Offering the median $55.956 total pay would be fair for this location. The indirect compensation plan for a marketing manager will be comprised of annual leave, a retirement plan, and an insurance scheme. The aforementioned constituents may vary from one worker to another. This is particularly true for the retirement plan options that employees should be able to select in accordance with their individual situations, plans, and financial statuses.

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