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Critical Thinking and Creativeness

Critical thinking is one of the aspects that have been encouraged in various institutions. For instance, many schools encourage students to be creative and ensure that they develop ways to improve their performance. Businesses have also focused on innovation as one way that employees can practice to advance their productivity. Critical thinking has largely enabled people to develop different human activities. Arts is one of the issues that primarily involve creativity. For instance, painters and musicians have to be imaginative to develop fascinating works (Ayliffe et al., 2020). Philosophers such as Socrates and Plato believed that creativeness is a vital factor for humans. Therefore, various ways that individuals can be creative have also been analyzed.

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Many people are inspired by various things in life, leading to their creativity. For instance, different life challenges force people to be more imaginative. Nurturing creativity has also been encouraged since talented persons may fail to discover their abilities when not mentored (Ayliffe et al., 2020). Fostering imagination is an aspect that has been invigorated since it helps individuals to become more resourceful. Dedicating some time to developing new ideas has also been encouraged as a way of improving inventiveness. Many people have different imaginations that can be useful in life. However, a lack of time to advance their ideas leads to wasted opportunities. Having excellent plans is another essential factor involved in creativity. In this case, people should have a strategy on the ways that they can improve their ideas. For instance, musicians should focus on approaches that can enable them to develop their careers. Being on the right path can help people become innovative since it allows them to learn about overcoming the obstacles that can prevent them from achieving their goals.

Being part of the community benefits individuals since they learn different skills from other people. For instance, artists can be inspired by various personalities in society. People can also offer advice that can enable an individual to become more creative. Understanding the web of life has helped people to improve their skills in various fields. For instance, Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the greatest artists who focused on connecting knowledge and creativity to become more innovative. Therefore, humans can learn varied ways of becoming creative and developing their skills and talents.


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