Critical Thinking Skills Influence

Critical thinking is a biased study of a subject or a problem that is utilized to analyze situations or issues with the formulation of valid conclusions, assessment, and interpretations and correctly apply the results to the cases and topics.

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First, critical thinking might be understood as consisting of two components. The first one is “a set of information and belief generating and processing skills” (“Defining Critical Thinking”, n.d., para. 5) while the second one is determined as a behavioral habit. Therefore, critical thinking might be reflective by nature and relate to the communication and psychology of the individual. Second, critical thinking is self-managing, self-evaluating, and self-correcting thinking. It implies an agreement with strict standards that entails effective communication and problem-solving. It is associated not only with the cognitive but also with the motivational sphere, precisely speaking with self-consciousness. The third takeaway I have learned from the given articles is that it is necessary to stick to the single topic of critical thinking (“Becoming a Critic Of Your Thinking”, n.d.)). It is necessary to adhere to the one thought that would permeate the entire study and arrange ideas in order of importance from least important to the most one. However, one can stick to the effect of the inverted pyramid, but it is significant to accent appropriately.

In my opinion, critical thinking plays a considerable role in the development of my final research paper. From the articles, it seems apparent that to be a person with critical thinking, one needs to have some basic knowledge of the subject. It is clear that if a person does not know anything about urban planning, for example, it would be rather difficult to evaluate research about urban planning critically. This simple observation suggests that most people cannot think critically, even if they want to. Fortunately, this conclusion is true only partially, because I believe that critical thinking is not only the result of discrete but also rather of a continuum of knowledge. Even though the knowledge of the subject allows a person to think objectively, there is always a minimal set of questions that could be asked. For instance, there is a controversial topic, and someone makes some important statement about this. Even if one does not know about it, he or she might ask several questions. Is the one who makes a statement an expert on this issue or not? Whether the statement comes from a reliable source? Why the author takes that particular side in the debate, and not the other one? Are there other alternative approaches to the issue? The answers to these questions would contribute to a sound judgment or conclusion and research paper in general.

Besides, critical thinking influences both my professional and personal life. The ability to think critically allows a person to identify and resist attempts to manipulate, teaches to keep thoughts clear and structured, and interpret information correctly. I consider that critical thinking is one of the main skills that are necessary for everyone in everyday life. After all, with the help of critical thinking persons can solve problems and build strong relationships with other people, bring their ideas to life, and develop them successfully at work as well as in personal life.

I would like to address the following question to my classmates: is it important to be creative for critical thinking? Explain your position.

In conclusion, the suggested articles were useful to comprehend the notion of critical thinking and apply it in my final research paper.


Becoming a Critic Of Your Thinking. (n.d.). The Critical Thinking Community. Web.

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Defining Critical Thinking. (n.d.). The Critical Thinking Community. Web.

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