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Cultural Holiday Paper: Distinguishing Features

Various cultures have their traditional holidays that highlight their characteristics, values, and distinguishing features. For this reason, by learning more about different celebrations and traditions, people have an opportunity to understand other nations and become more developed citizens of the contemporary world. For instance, one of the most authentic cultures is Islam, famous for its religious holidays and distinct heritage. Even though everyone is aware of the existence of Ramadan, only some people understand the significance of this sacred celebration for Muslims. Therefore, the following paper will discuss Ramadan in more detail by identifying its features and importance, and suggesting how gaining more knowledge about this holiday helps to provide culturally sensitive care.

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Ramadan is a religious celebration that lasts for a period of one month and is generally described by such words as a prayer, fasting, and personal introspection. As mentioned by Attar (2020), Muslims all around the world wait for the start of Ramadan since this holiday is extremely significant for their culture. The activities that everyone should participate in take place during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar; however, Ramadan’s exact start fluctuates each year because of the differences in moon phases (Attar, 2020). Once Ramadan begins Muslims fast “as a way to commemorate the revelation of the Quran” (Attar, 2020, para. 3). Thus, this holiday carries a significant amount of spiritual value for the followers of Islam.

In addition, Ramadan is the time to develop spiritually and establish a strong relationship with Allah. Throughout the whole month, individuals practice prayer on a daily basis, make selfless and intentional actions, and prevent themselves from fighting, lying, and gossiping (Attar, 2020). Furthermore, sexual intercourse and drinking are prohibited between sunrise and sunset (Attar, 2020). Everyone is obliged to practice fasting, except for pregnant women, elderly people, and ill individuals (Attar, 2020). When meals are allowed, Muslims see it as an opportunity to interact with others in the community, share their spiritual practices, and connect with Allah. After the final day of Ramadan, people organize a festival in order to eat, pray, and exchange gifts (Attar, 2020). Ramadan can be described as a month of emotional and spiritual growth, and, for this reason, it is vital for the Muslim community.

This holiday was chosen because it is the most essential for Muslims and helps to understand their culture better. All modern individuals know that the followers of Islam have a special month of Ramadan; nevertheless, most people are not sure about the significance of this celebration and various activities that Muslims have to engage in. Moreover, Islam is a diverse culture that finds its believers all around the globe (Ahmed, 2017). By gaining knowledge about Ramadan, individuals become aware of the distinguishing features and dominant values of Muslims (Ahmed, 2017). This understanding allows humans to provide culturally appropriate and sensitive care to the representatives of Islam while taking into account their worldview and perspectives on life and religion.

Overall, all cultures have their individual characteristics, follow specific traditions, and celebrate different holidays. One of the most authentic and interesting cultures is Islam due to its customs and a variety of religious beliefs. For Muslims, the month of Ramadan is the most significant time of the year during which they grow and develop a strong relationship with Allah. Therefore, this essay provided more information about this holiday and suggested why it is important to learn more about it.


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Attar, E. (2020). Why Ramadan is the most sacred month in Islamic culture. National Geographic. Web.

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