Customization Process in BMW


A customization process providing a client-oriented approach to ensure that buyers are directly involved in the creation of a product is increasingly common in the modern market. In the struggle to engage consumer interest, many companies seek to attract customers by offering new opportunities and prospects for choosing goods. As an object of analysis, the world-famous automobile brand BMW will be used in this paper.

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On the official website of BMW (!/), not only are available models presented, but there is also the opportunity to choose certain options individually. Given this choice, it can be assumed that the practice of customization is essential for the company, and the promoted business expansion strategy by BMW involves steps to achieve this.

Product Line Choice

In order to give an example of customization offered by BMW, it is necessary to select one vehicle model and explore the possibilities of individual assembly offered to customers. The 7 Series Sedan will be used; the “BMW flagship vehicle, that sits at the pinnacle of luxury and esteem” (“Choose a Vehicle to Build”). This model is quite popular in the automotive market, and corresponding changes in its equipment may enable creating a concept that meets all customer expectations.

Product Configuration

Once the particular car model has been selected, it is possible to equip it with the desired functions or change its technical characteristics. The first action that is proposed on the website is the choice of the type of fuel injection. This affects the acceleration rate and, accordingly, the price. I choose the first classic version of the rear-wheel-drive since, despite the lowest acceleration rate of the proposed (5.4 seconds), this vehicle will not be used for racing purposes (“Choose a Vehicle to Build”). Consequently, the selected drive parameter is sufficient for ordinary driving.

Further, the option of choosing the color for the car is offered. The available tone samples are quite diverse and afford great choices in the desired variant. I choose the white mineral metallic because it is one of my favorite colors. As well as standard shades, there are additional individual colors that can make the vehicle even more unique. However, this is the only other available change option for this model. The final cost of the vehicle is calculated based on the selected options. In the test case here, this comes to $83,650 (“Choose a Vehicle to Build”). Analyzing such a customization process can help determine the quality and variety of services offered to customers.

Customization Experience

Despite the attractive appearance of the web pages and the convenience of the information offered, in general, I am not satisfied with the customization experience. While information about the modifications is quite extensive, and there are no difficulties with the visual execution of examples nevertheless, the main reason for my dissatisfaction is the very limited choice of modifications. The main change functions that buyers can express a preference for are the type of drive and the color of the vehicle. Other valuable features, for instance, the diameter of wheels, the color and material of the interior of the car, and additional options, are not offered.

Moreover, since the selected model is one of the latest in the BMW lineup, clients should be able to see differences from previous versions since the visual comparison of characteristics allows for a more confident choice. If more configurations were given for the selection, more customers would certainly leave positive reviews.

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Importance of Customization for BMW

The business strategy of the company in question is not so much focused on the need to advertise their products since the brand is already authoritative and recognizable. At the same time, increasing competition in the market is starting to force BMW representatives to consider ways of retaining customers and distributing new services to their many clients. For this purpose, customization services as one of the strategic directions of sales are considered an effective mechanism.

Accordingly, this process is essential for BMW in terms of potential benefits, and the policy of retaining customers through using this method could be seen as a success. More options can be offered to customers, but, in general, the principle of client participation in the selection of the best cars is a good strategic decision in the context of the current business environment.


Using a strategy of customization is a valuable practice for BMW due to the increasing competition in the modern market. Despite the convenient appearance of the company website, with the services of selecting individual components for new transport, I was faced with a limited choice of modifications. Expanding the list of available options, for instance, the color or material of the interior, the size of the disks, or other indicators, could increase the interest of potential customers in BMW’s products.

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