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Cyclothymic Disorder: Article Critical Review


This paper highlights the symptoms of cyclothymia and the challenges it imposes in health centers.

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Cyclothymia is prevalent, impairing bipolar spectrum disorder included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders formed in 1982. Whereas Sub-threshold bipolar is a cyclothymia-related disorder common in young individuals. The relation of subthreshold bipolar to young people leads to many questions on the originality of the disease. (Van Meter, 2012).

Ironically, despite cyclothymia disorder being the most prevalent form of bipolar disorder, there are no proper means of diagnosing it in clinical presentations. The rare identification of the disease leads to the linking of it with either neglect of cyclothymia inclusion in research or confusion with other related factors. Cyclothymia disorder takes an increasingly critical function as a bridge between nonclinical levels of mood fluctuation and sensitive bipolar disorder. The linking of cyclothymia with temperament style, moodiness, and irritability is due to it causing mood disorders. (Van Meter, 2012).

Cyclothymia temperament significantly increases the risks of developing Bipolar II or Bipolar I. Cyclothymia is also a character trait. Current evidence links cyclothymia disorder with impairing disorder on the bipolar spectrum, an idea that expounds the understanding of the risk factors and results associated with bipolar disorder. However, the many links associated with cyclothymia have led to confusion and misinterpretation. A calling for the inclusion of cyclothymia disorder in future research studies is essential.

This for accurate diagnosis and effective spectrum treatment of bipolar disorders to be made in the future. In addition, cyclothymia inclusion in research will contribute to understanding the developmental course of bipolar spectrum disorders. Therefore, it would be of importance if the research on cyclothymia includes the historical aspects of this disorder. (Van Meter, 2012)

Critical review

The author of this article contributes a lot in alighting people to the various symptoms associated with cyclothymia. In doing this, the author creates awareness in people on the importance of taking effective measures in finding out the cause of their character traits. He also writes on the importance of seeking the right information from the medical center to avoid self-confusion on the related symptoms. For instance, the author emphasizes the change in mood as one of the symptoms of cyclothymia. This information is so essential in creating awareness among the victims, for they will seek medication at an early stage of the disorder.

The author plays a crucial role in writing the negligence made towards finding more about the cause and origin of cyclothymia. Through his writing, he shows a lack of responsibility shown by those responsible including doctors treating this disorder. However, the author neglects other symptoms related to the disorder in writing this article.

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This may create a negative attitude of the victims towards his opinion in the article. On the other hand, mood changes may be due to difficulties encountered in life and not only cyclothymia. It would have been essential if the author of the article emphasized other symptoms in the article. Cyclothymia disorder is also common in adult men and women. However, the author writes on the disease occurrence in children only.

According to the author, the lack of identification of cyclothymia disorder in patients is due to the confusion created by its symptoms relating to mood drops and not the other way round. The inclination of character traits to cyclothymia may lead to fear cropping in young individuals.

The findings of the author relate considerably with the scientific findings, for example, the author writes on the mood change as being one of the symptoms of the cyclothymia, which is true as per the research. He also relates Bipolar I and Bipolar II to cyclothymia and elaborates on the disastrous effects of these disorders. Scientifically, cyclothymia and Bipolar I and Bipolar II are related. They are all diseases of the mind and equally disastrous.


Van Meter, R. A. (2012). Cyclothymic disorder: Clinical Psychology Review, 32, (4), 229-243.

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