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Daoism Issue, Solution, Techniques, and Exemplars

Daoism, often called Taoism, is a philosophy initiated in Earliest China and propagated by theorists such as Laozi. This viewpoint, which some individuals regard as a religion, instructs persons on living in agreement with the rest of the universe. The word “Dao” refers to “path,” the essence and pattern of all that exist. Laozi discusses how to act following the interchanging cycles of nature in his utmost renowned gathering of instructions, the Dao De Jing. He clarifies how to “go with the flow” by looking at a few key passages from the book provides a wealth of knowledge about better managing life. This paper will discuss the issue, solution, techniques, and exemplars of Daoism Religion.

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The problem of Daoism is evil and corruption in society. The solution is that the Tao, or “the way,” must be followed by Daoists. They must follow the principle of wuwei, or moving with the flow, and continue on the path to goodness. This is a non-aggressive way of living that instructs Taoists to be unconcerned with minor details. Daoists should also live their lives under the yin and yang symbol and what it represents (Van, 2020). Establish peace and harmony; require a balance of good and evil. They should also practice meditation and contemplation to be at one with nature and the universe. Taoists must recall that the universe has no plan or schedule and that the world “simply is” rather than “ought to be. Nature gives humanity all they require, and therefore, there is no sense in trying to defy or conquer it.

Daoism is a very esoteric tradition that is China’s principal indigenous religion. Daoism has a multifaceted history of assimilating numerous spirit communication techniques, meditation, bodily movements, consciousness projection, medicine, and inner experimentation. It has a deep transpersonal viewpoint of nature and a metaphysics of human associations founded on a notion of divine alteration resulting in immortality.

The tripartite division of Heaven, Humanity, and Earth is founded in the mythically constructed world of Daoism. This interacts through a rich web of emblematic connections and correspondences engrossed in the Daoism sage as chief of comparable incorporation of mind, spirit, and body (Van, 2020). It accentuates physical disciplines such as a healthy diet and natural life in coherence with nature and natural progressions. It also underlines an exemplified spirituality model that pursues actualizing numerous inner aptitudes that lead to radical natural alteration. Nature is valued in Daoism as the source of all transpersonal development.

Legendary kung-fu fighter Bruce Lee has always stated that Taoist philosophy greatly influenced martial arts and acting. Bruce Lee, like Laozi, used imagery from nature and daily life to illustrate his theoretical views. Something as modest as a cup of water can have profound metaphysical implications, as demonstrated here by the need to be adaptive and fluid in all situations. Many elements of Taoism can be seen in Star Wars, particularly in Yoda’s teachings (Van, 2020). Some have also highlighted that Darth Vader and Luke Skywalk are yin-yang symbols: they are contraries, although Luke (signified by his black-gloved right hand) has some darkness, and Vader has some good.

Finally, Taoism and Buddhism are two religions with many practices and beliefs in common. Extensive meditation and reincarnation are the most popular beliefs and practices among each of these groups. Many people around the world mistake Buddhism and Taoism for the same thing because of their mutual impact. Taoism’s major emphasis is on man’s spiritual being. His humanity is associated with a bamboo stick, which is straight and simple by design but has a void epicenter that yearns to be occupied.

Yet, it is supple enough to overwhelm obstacles and fights natural attacks. Daoism, in my opinion, enables people to recognize that, as human life is merely a minor part of a superior natural procedure, the solitary human deeds that make sense, in the end, are following the flow of nature. It teaches people simplicity, compassion, and patience, which are great treasures. Finally, it teaches us that rather than struggling against the circumstances in our lives, we can let them run their course.

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