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Dealing With Procrastination: Stress-Related Techniques


Stress is a person’s response to a restructuring. This usually requires mental, bodily or emotional realignment and it is reflected in a person’s body. It can come from any situation or thought that makes one develop an emotion. A stress-causing agent is called a stressor. Procrastination is avoidance of a task that needs to be done or finding it too involved when it is really important to do it. It is dangerous time mismanagement, and it is one of the stressors. This paper will look at stress from the angle of procrastination and analyze the techniques one can use to deal with this stressor.

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Apply Practicality

Do not plan big and monumental things that you intend to accomplish. Apply objective, practical and doable things that are bound to motivate you instead of tasks that make you feel overwhelmed. This will require prioritization and a systematic approach to the things you plan to do starting with the items that are easiest and whose resource and time you can easily get. Make a list of items and tick them off when you finish, don’t make room for the delay because that is the same thing you are trying to get rid of (Donatelle, 2009).

Correct Your Thoughts

Procrastination may be a result of another emotion that makes you feel like you don’t want to do anything. This may be because of guilt which is a result of passive-aggressiveness or living in denial. A past mistake or a wrong from someone should not be the reason you don’t accomplish today’s commitments (Donatelle, 2009). Hence clear your thoughts to make room for motivation and dispel the enemy inside that is causing you to live like a self adversary. Do not dwell on the past and make the present horrible for yourself (Donatelle, 2009).

Know the Cause

Have a look at the events that shape your life and try and decipher the real reason you are procrastinating. Is it your job, your wife or the kids? Those questions are going to help you be able to get to the root of the problem and hence position yourself to tackle it according to Donatelle (2009). Once you identify the cause draw up steps to deal with the problem and do not delay to start. This is going to help you to deal with it in a timely manner and conclusively (Donatelle, 2009).


Procrastination may be a result of boredom. This causes your body to be reluctant and tired and your mind responds by postponing the things that need to be done (Donatelle, 2009). To help matters, it is advisable to engage in a sporting activity you like, get out with friends or listen to music you like. This goes a long way to help your mind relax and therefore be ready to tackle tasks ahead of you without time wastage. It also makes you feel rejuvenated and fresh and prepared because it increases your blood flow.


Stress-related to time management is really bad because it touches on a resource that is irreversible. Postponing what it should be done currently is a stress-related technique and one should find a way of dealing with it systematically and conclusively. Some of the ways mentioned above can be of great help if one is willing to be stress-free when it comes to managing your most valuable resource: time.


Donatelle, R. (2009). Health: the basics. 8th ed. San Francisco: Benjamin Cummings.

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