The Effects of Stress on Individuals


The contemporary times are characterized with fast-moving lifestyles. Individuals are living on the fast lane, and in the process of making a living, the majority have forgotten to live fruitfully. The economic environment is turbulent, rumors of wars across the globe are all over the news, and natural catastrophes are eminent.

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The technological revolution has reduced the world into a global village and individuals are interconnected via social media and other communication mediums. Therefore, people are highly stressed due to the occurrences that threaten the existence of humanity coupled with other factors. However, stress has different negative effects. This paper highlights the effects of stress on an individual’s body, mood, and behavior.


Different systems make up the body and each is affected by stress. The musculoskeletal system entails the muscles and it is highly affected by stress. Normally, muscles tense in response to an external force on the body. After some time, the tension lapses and muscles relax. However, when one is stressed, the muscles remain in a tense situation, which leads to headaches and migraines coupled with other related pains.

Stress affects the respiratory system, which leads to difficulties in breathing and panic attacks in severe cases. On the cardiovascular system, acute stress can lead to hypertension or stroke due to the constant strain on the veins and the heart. When strained, the endocrine system activates a series of hormonal triggers, which lead to the production of ‘stress hormones’ that can lead to hyperglycemia. Stress can interfere with the digestion system, thus leading to indigestion. Finally, stress strains the nervous system, which leads to general weakness due to tear-and-wear of the body.

The brain controls one’s moods. Therefore, when stress sets in, it affects the brain, which in turn influences the mood. A stressed person lacks focus and motivation, and this aspect leads to mood swings. In a world buffeted with intense negativity, motivation is the only thing that can keep one going. Therefore, lack of motivation causes dull moods and indifference. Such individuals are easily irritated or angered. Good moods allow one to overlook some minor issues in life in pursuit for happiness. However, stress clogs the mind, and thus one cannot make rational decisions.

Therefore, such individuals end up reacting to small issues, hence causing irritability and anger. In addition, bad moods lead to anxiety as one cannot tell what to expect given the inability to make sound judgment. Ultimately, one slumps into depression, which is an advanced version of stress. At this point, the situation becomes a medical condition, and thus the victim requires professional attention.

Stress affects one’s behavior negatively. Stressed individuals may tend to overeating or lose appetite. This scenario occurs as a coping mechanism especially when the victim does not what to share his/her predicament. In addition, stressed individuals fall in some addictions.

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For instance, stress leads to alcoholism and drug addiction. The victims of stress resort to alcoholism as an escapist move to avoid facing the situation. Drunkenness and stupor affects the mind, thus allowing one to forget his/her troubles. Unfortunately, this approach is short-lived because it does not solve the problem. On the contrary, it only postpones pain. Finally, stress leads to social withdrawal.


Stress is universal and it is escalating rapidly in the contemporary times. Stress affects the body, moods, and behavior of the victim. Going forward, individuals should learn to handle issues as they arise and trust a higher being to lead them through their problems.

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