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Definition of Psychological Terms and Sentences


This paper explores various forms of visual challenges by defining terminologies and also using them in constructing sentences in order to bring out their meanings clearly.

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Sight saving

This is the use of special skills and techniques to help people who are visually challenged to do normal life activities like learning how to write and also communicating (Cullinan, 2006). Such techniques are specifically designed for individuals with sight problems so that they may also interact fully with others.

Example in a sentence – Students attending sight saving schools often learn myriads of special skills to enable them cope with the visual challenge facing them.

Retrolental fibroplasias (FLF)

This is a disease which affects babies who are born when they have not fully matured. This health issue is caused by disorganized growth of blood vessels in the retina (Friend, 2011). It is normally a serious health matter which ought to be addressed early enough preferably before the baby is born.

Example in a sentence – Babies with very low weight at birth have high risk of contracting retrolental fibroplasias since they are highly vulnerable due to immaturity.

Visual impairment

According to Friend (2011), visual impairment is the loss of vision to a level whereby a person has to use support tools to move comfortably. It is worth noting that this condition may occur at any age. However, it is a common occurrence that can be noted during childhood. Hence, early diagnosis is necessary in order to correct this type of impairment. Example in a sentence- Visual impairment is mainly caused by vision loss and may not necessarily be a malignant disorder of the human eye itself as documented in certain studies in psychology (Cullinan, 2006).


Friend (2010) defines the term blindness as a state of lacking the ability to visually perceive any form of tangible or intangible elements within the immediate surrounding (Friend, 2011). In most circumstances, blindness has been defined as the total inability to visualize objects, figures and shapes of various forms. However, it is imperative to mention that blindness may be full or partial depending on the severity of the condition. Example in a sentence- There are many students who need special care because they exhibit total blindness which largely hinders their ability to see, interpret and appreciate the world around them especially in the due process of learning.

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Functionally blind/educationally blind

Cullinan (2006) describes the term functionally blind as a condition that entails lacking the ability to see in spite of the fact that an individual still has the physical eyes in place. Research studies have revealed that this type of visual impairment may be experienced at any age and early diagnosis is necessary. On the other hand, being educationally blind broadly refers to a condition whereby a person is not capable of gaining useful basic education mainly due to mental challenges that tend to inhibit vision (Friend, 2011).

Educational blindness is mainly exhibited when certain parts of the human brain that control vision are impaired right from birth or due to long term illness. Example in a sentence- Old people are associated with functional blindness which is brought about by their eyes’ inability to function normally. On the other hand, being educationally blind is a major impediment among learners who are visually impaired and also autistic at the same time.


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