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Delegation of Leadership Skills


Delegation of leadership is viewed as an essential tool for attaining improvement in operational performance of subordinates. Employees interested in responsible and challenging position can be motivated through effective delegation of leadership to them.

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Delegated works seem to be enhancing the operational performance of the employees. “Delegation is a leadership skill which, if used well, can be a powerful tool for motivating and training your team, as well as enabling you to focus your own energies and talents more effectively and efficiently.” (The art of delegation 2009).

What are the factors influencing the leadership styles?

The style of leadership seems to be situational in nature. The nature of the task, the feature of the entire team, capabilities and knowledge of the individuals involved in the team, availability of time resources are some of the factors influencing the nature of leadership applied by individual leaders. In order to frame appropriate leadership styles, proper identification of the situational factors is necessary. Involvement and empowerment of employees in the organization is essential factor for attaining the maximum result on leadership. Delegation of leadership is sometimes needed in organization due to the influence of the above mentioned factors. The trust levels, safe work environment in the organization etc are factors influencing the leadership styles as well as delegation process.

“Employee involvement is creating an environment in which people have an impact on decisions and actions that affect their jobs. Team building occurs when the manager knows when to tell, sell, consult, join or delegate to staff. For employee involvement and empowerment, both team building and delegation rule.” (Teambuilding- Employee Empowerment- EI- Quick Tip Index 2009).

How can effectively delegate the Leadership to subordinates?

Better identification of the nature of the task is essential for effective delegation. Better planning, organization and controlling have to be implemented for getting effectiveness in the delegation. The objective of the delegation is to improve the operational performance of the entire organization. Thus the bigger organizational goals have to be split into smaller ones for the delegated subordinates. The responsibility of team members has to be clearly defined and implemented.

“If you can find the right person with the right skills, delegation is likely to be more successful. However skills are not only technical but also include the drive, leadership and decision-making qualities required in terms of being able to see the task through no completion.” (Leadership- Delegation 2006).

Leaders need to influence the employees in order to provide maximum operational results and performance improvement. Delegation of leadership involves delegation of decision-making roles also. Thus successful delegation is essential for ensuring better functioning of the organization. “Good leaders continually try to improve their skills so they will be better at what they do. Three areas of skills combine to make an effective leader: technical skills, human relations skills, and conceptual skills.” (Jordan 2009). While delegating the work, partial delegation is not favorable. Better operational performance can be assured when employees get full control over the work. It will be helpful for better understanding of the objectives associated with each delegation. Successful delegation of authority along with the leadership requires time and cost resources. Adequate reward should be provided to the individual staff for successful completion of the delegated project. “Successful delegation of authority as a leadership style takes time and energy, but it’s worth the time and energy to help employee involvement and employee empowerment succeed as a leadership style.” (Heathfield 2009).

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Better and effective communication with the delegates is essential for getting the desired operational results from them. Feedback about the operations of the delegates has to be checked periodically and necessary corrections have to be made. Assurance about the better completion of the delegated task is the leader’s duty. In times of deviation from the targeted objectives, clear cut instructions should be provided to them through influential power upon the team. The splitting up of the leadership power among the delegatees should help to develop their leadership qualities and it will contribute to the achievement of organizational objectives. “Delegation is a unique form of participative leadership that appears to improve the subordinate performance when used in appropriate situations. Delegation is more likely to be successful when subordinates are competent, committed to organizational objectives, and willing to take on important responsibilities.” (Druckman, Singer &Van Cott 1997,p.101).


While delegating, the leader has to record details of the task, the employee, and the deadline for successful completion of the task. In order to become a successful leader; one has to adopt communication, delegation, and team building. While delegating the work, partial delegation is not favourable.


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