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Assessment of Leadership Capabilities

Leadership skills are the skills demanded in any kind of position from any employee: “These skills include the knowledge of how to control the performance of one’s subordinates or partners, participate in decision making, and bear responsibility for them” (Northhouse, 2004). Accordingly, a leader is to be a person with a strong authority among the colleagues. Drawing from this, in the current paper I am about to present my leadership skills, assess them, consider the strong and weak points of my leadership style and practices, and clear up how I can use my leadership strengths and correct my weaknesses.

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As for my leadership style, I can refer myself to the number of so-called Coaching leaders: “These leaders are always ready to help their colleagues and subordinates with any difficulty by either advice or action” (Northhouse, 2004). Coaching approach is also reflected in my rather communicative style of work as I always try to establish contacts with the working team: “Coaching leaders try to always assist in the adjustment of the staff newcomers to the peculiarities of work and to the working team” (Small Business Notes, 2009). That is why I can call my leadership style a combination of the coaching approach with directive and supportive styles.

At the same time, I would like my subordinates to see me as a combination of authority and readiness to help any moment it is necessary. Starting with the latter, I think it is an integral part of any kind of team work. In other words, when the staff relies on the leader makes the team work more effective. However, the discipline and subordination should also be observed among the subordinates: “Without discipline there will be no properly structured work and no success” (Northhouse, 2004).

The details of my leadership style are also important for the comprehensive vision of what I can offer as a leader. To start with my strong points, I can list my inclination to communicate and cooperate with others, readiness to help and paying attention to the smallest details of any task among them. I can easily establish contacts and friendly relations in a team: “Communication skills help leaders settle the issues that might appear during work and find joint solutions to them” (Northhouse, 2004). So, I can use my strengths for the development of the organization I am employed by and for the working team I belong to.

However, there are certain weaknesses that I might single out in my leadership style. First of all, it is sometimes difficult to establish the trustful relations in a team, and this leads to the need of close attention to any processes taking place within the team as well as to the details of every particular task. Also, it happens that I sometimes lose the line between partnership and cooperative, or coaching, leadership, which damages the subordination and accordingly prevents our team from working with the clear focus on the task.

To correct the weaknesses I have enumerated I work on my communication skills daily, consider substantial amounts of scholarly literature on leadership and its styles, and try to acquire experience from the people practicing their leadership skills in other organizations. However, I think that my leadership skills and strong points in my work allow me to be a useful and valuable employee for any company.


Northhouse, P. G. (2006). Leadership-Theory and Practice. Sage Publications, Inc; 4th edition.

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