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Democracy in the American Government

The political system of the United States can be defined as a representative democracy. In such an arrangement, the residents do not rule the country directly, as they choose various government representatives to adopt laws and make decisions on behalf of the entire population. Therefore, people can choose Congress members, the president, vice president, professionals working for state legislatures, mayors, and town councils that operate in their best interests. Moreover, democratic society values civic engagement and various political freedoms, including the right to bear arms, vote, and more. Therefore, the American government is democratic because of frequent elections, equal access to political mechanisms, and freedom of speech.

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One of the essential democratic procedures in the United States is the frequent elections on both federal and local levels. At the national level, the country’s president is chosen indirectly by the citizens of every state, through an Electoral College. An election of the head of the country happens every four years, which is essential for democracy as it enables the frequent change of people in power. Thus, authoritarian administration cannot take over the state due to the regular elections. Moreover, the population of every state chooses representatives of Congress. Overall, citizens can exercise popular sovereignty by electing their representatives, as the democratic government is designed to be a subject to the will of the voters.

Furthermore, engagement in civic and political actions enables various groups of citizens to influence political leaders on local and national levels. Therefore, such participation has the potential to improve people’s lives and encourage them to cooperate with others for a greater good. In American society, political equality enables people to educate themselves on significant problems and affairs, communicate to their representatives, inform local governments of an issue through a formal complaint, participate in a political demonstration, or vote. Moreover, individuals can establish organizations and societies to raise funds for a political candidate, volunteer, and protest in support of various social issues. Citizens who are educated, older, and wealthier are the most likely to influence the government directly. However, younger, less affluent individuals can also affect the change in their communities and a country.

Lastly, American citizens can utilize their political liberty through freedom of speech. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution grants all citizens the power to manifest their views on subjects that they consider valuable. Whereas, the federal government is not able to intervene in people’s right to free expression. Moreover, the Fourteenth Amendment ensures that state governments also protect this right. However, both state and federal governments cannot legally allow one’s liberty to free speech to interfere with other’s capacity to exercise their constitutional rights. Thus, American society is democratic as it grants citizens essential liberties, but it also particularly values the safety of its people, so the freedom of speech has reasonable limits.

In conclusion, the American political system is regarded to be a representative democracy. The system is democratic due to regular elections, equal opportunities for civic participation, and freedom of speech. Individuals can frequently elect government representatives and influence their work. Moreover, people can engage in political activities that can affect decision-makers on different levels. Lastly, Americans have many political freedoms, including the essential right to freedom of expression. Thus, the United States is a democratic country at its core because of the various opportunities that citizens have to influence their policy-makers.

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