47 Democracy Essay Topics

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๐Ÿ† Best Essay Topics on Democracy

  1. Democracy and National Economic Performance in China
    The economic growth in China may lead to further democratization, as the accumulation of wealth causes the need for protecting it by means of democratic institutions.
  2. Representative Democracy and Its Crisis in Europe
    Representative democracy is believed to be an elementary principal. But the current representation system crisis in Europe augments from the oligarchy form of democracy.
  3. Political Culture: Failure of Democracy in Iraq
    This essay explains why the concepts of democracy would be extremely difficult to establish in Iraq. The essay explains the dynamics of ethnic composition of Iraq.
  4. How Wealth Inequality Affects Democracy in America
    The purpose of this study is to explore how wealth inequality affects democracy in America and what the perceptions of that influence are.
  5. Democracy in America Between 1780 and 1830
    Early democracy was mostly seen in changes in the leadership of the United States since the different candidates who took leadership had different administration methods.
  6. Political Sciences: Building Global Democracy
    This author claims that the declaration of Montenegro an independent state in 2006 triggered other stateless territories to demand their sovereignty and separation.
  7. Plato’s “Republic” – What Is Democracy?
    An idealized version of a parliamentary government is the redefinition of democracy. Plato failed to see the possibility of transforming ordinary people into intelligent members of the electorate.
  8. Representative Democracy and Its Crisis
    Cases of crises associated with representative democracy include dictatorship, oligarchy, officials pursuing their own ambitions, and bribing of representatives.
  9. Industrial Revolution, Democracy and Equality
    The impact of the industrial revolution on society should not be understated. It transformed mostly agrarian economies into those oriented towards goods and services.
  10. Representative Democracy Crisis: Causes and Responses
    Representative democracy is believed to be an elementary principal. But the current representation system crisis in Europe augments from the oligarchy form of democracy.
  11. “Democracy in America” by Alexis de Tocqueville
    In the first volume of Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville focuses on the origins of the constitution of the United States which gives rise to the democracy.
  12. The Concept of Democracy in Political Theory
    This paper includes a critical review of interdisciplinary research on the origins of democracy, its economic impact, and the concept of rights.
  13. The Arab Spring: New Patterns for Democracy
    Arab Spring is the name that is commonly used for protests and rebellions that take place against the government, which often lead to violence and loss of life.
  14. French Revolution as a Turning Point to Democracy
    The French Revolution is usually credited with overturning the monarchy characterized by royal absolutism and enforcing the Republic instead.
  15. Natural Resources and Democracy in Political Economy
    The researches present findings of the association between democracy and natural resources in the political economy. The works have theoretical and empirical underpinnings.
  16. Nigerian Democracy and National Economic Performance
    To showcase how democracy and economic performance can relate to each other, the case of Nigeria could serve as an example.
  17. Pauli Murray’s Contribution to American Democracy
    Pauli Murray’s contribution to the development of American and world democracy is significant and undeniable. She was an effective advocate for civil and gender rights.
  18. India and Brazil Democracy Analysis
    India and Brazil are two countries that are widely analyzed for their democratic practices. Their choice may be due to the reforms they have done over the years to become democratic nations.
  19. Jacksonian Democracy and Manifest Destiny
    Combining the qualities that might seem incompatible, Jackson became a powerful leader that could promote change in the political and economic environment of the time.
  20. Indian Democracy and National Economic Performance
    This work examines the impact of the political organization on the successful national economic performance of India that implies steady growth in all economic spheres.

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  1. Wealth Inequality Effects on American Democracy
    There are indications that the legislators are quite unresponsive to the needs of the poor Americans. The impacts of wealth inequality on democracy are discussed in this paper.
  2. Russian Democracy and Political Stability
    Democracy in Russia is a widely disputed topic because the government exercises many anti-democratic practices to control the political situation in the country.
  3. US Democracy and Its Media Representation
    This paper unravels the relationship between the media and democracy and explores the nature of democracy in the US as depicted from news articles and the literature.
  4. Dream Act as an Institution of American Democracy
    This paper looks at the DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for the Alien Minors) Act as an institution of American democracy and its role in making the US better.
  5. The Concept of Democracy as a Historical Fiasco
    There are a number of reasons to consider democracy the most ineffective method of running a country. The realities of a modern living deem the concept of democracy hopelessly outdated.
  6. South African Democracy and National Economic Performance
    In South Africa, the shift towards democracy has been characterized by a notable range of outcomes. The economic and social progress which has been achieved.
  7. Democracy in the United States
    This paper will discuss democracy in the United States. It will determine how the United States exercises democracy and how it violates justice.
  8. Brazil’s Democracy and National Economic Performance
    Brazil’s economic performance was occurring simultaneously with political development and was affected significantly by the political regime.
  9. Direct Democracy from Rousseau’s Perspective
    This paper analyzes the notion of the social contract in a democratic society, defines aspects of inequality, and differentiates Rousseauโ€™s vision of aristocracy and democracy.
  10. Federalism, Consociational Democracy, Government
    Though federalism and consociational democracy overlap in many aspects, some distinctive features that divide them into two distinct terms.
  11. Sexism, Democracy, and Modernization
    The system of government and the implementation of a new ideology positively affect the rights of women, so between sexism, democracy, and modernization exist interdependence.
  12. American Foreign Policy Exporting Democracy
    American foreign policy is designed to meet several international goals but the priority areas over the years have been national security and defense.
  13. Democracy Principles in the United States
    This essay will provide four reasons as to why the US was not built on the principles of democracy and has not genuinely complied with them to date.
  14. Is the United States a Model Democracy?
    The US is a model democracy because it holds free, frequent, and inclusive elections, its citizens enjoy a wide range of individual freedoms and rights.
  15. Special Interest Groups as a Threat to Democracy
    Special interest groups are smaller communities within larger ones that promote specific interests attributed to their members.
  16. The Birth of the United States’ Democracy
    This paper discusses the theme of American democracy to understand its origins, why it was important, and who was involved in the process starting from 1776.
  17. American Democracy and Landmark Supreme Court Cases
    This essay ponders the key values of American democracy and describes landmark Supreme Court cases that have contributed to the formation of the political system.
  18. How South Africa Is Developing a Democracy
    The lack of democratization within South African society can be seen as the primary problem that has to be managed for democratic principles to be established within the republic.
  19. How Botswana Is Developing a Democracy
    To avoid the system of authoritarian rule, Botswana people will require reinforcing the influence of its Democratic Party and other political alliances.
  20. How Lebanon Is Developing a Democracy
    Lebanon has quite a history of fighting for democratic values. The civil war that took place in 1975 and lasted for 15 years left a huge mark on citizensโ€™ economic well-being.
  21. How Russian Federation Is Developing a Democracy
    Almost 30 years after, the modern political regime in Russia cannot be referred to as a democratic one, as its leader is represented by only one political party.
  22. Belarus: Developing a Democracy
    Belarus is one of the states that requires political changes to ensure that its citizens are given indefeasible rights to which they are entitled according to the basic principles of democracy.
  23. Russian Federation: Political History and Democracy
    The present paper will outline the key events in the political history of the Russian Federation and the barriers faced by the country in achieving democracy.
  24. Russian Federation: Developing a Democracy
    As one of the advanced developing countries, Russian Federation also passes through the stage of democracy establishment.
  25. The Socratic Identification of Knowledge and Athenian Democracy
    It is clear that knowledge and wisdom are essential ingredients of life worth living because ignorance and the lack of understanding make life similar to animals.
  26. Illiberal Democracy in Hungary and Turkey
    Today in Hungary and Turkey one can observe the process of establishment of the so-called illiberal democracy, although with different roots and manifestations.
  27. Dominican Republic Developing a Democracy
    The author presents the facts from the history of the Dominican Republic, the barriers to building democracy in the country, and solutions in this way.
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