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Disaster Recovery. Automated Management System

Disaster Recovery Plan

Exceptional Living, Inc. (ELI) is not in a position to enroll full time system administrator to solve technical issues and to make innovative changes in business continuity process. System administrator is essential for providing training to the staffs for implementing changes in business process. It is essential to take appropriate technical and organisational steps to prevent accidental or illegal access or alteration of data and all information of the company which needs to be confidential must be under proper control.

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Net work system of ELI and its solution

There is risk associated with sharing of computers and this will often result in security issues to confidential information as there is no proper password protecting system. Sharing system will affect the work flow when internet connection is not available. Transmission of the information through network sharing is not at all secure and if there is power failure or no internet connection, file sharing will not be possible and will affect overall business process. Internet is not at all secure and there are no proper fire wall settings at ELI. At present the system is heavily dependent on warranty service database, but it is necessary that these do match up to professional expectations.

There is also a chance of leaking of confidential information to the company’s rivals and competitors. It is seen that confidential health data of employees are kept open which could be viewed by all who access the computers. This is against the rules and regulations of keeping such confidential information. Therefore it is essential to protect the confidential files of the business transaction and other important confidential files of company staffs. It is essential to secure confidential information and to set password to individual user. The files which are required to be shared can be shared. The information which is required by staff for the future can be stored in backup and other irrelevant information must be deleted.


Issues related to internet can be solved to some extent by setting up anti virus system and firewalls. It will protect the system from various viruses, spying and other cyber attacks. Firewalls could provide added levels of security. Firewall setting must be activated at all times which will reduce unauthorized access to some extent.

The system needs regular backup to be performed in order that storage of valuable inputs is safe and secure.

Document sharing and handling and saving of data will be easier by implementing of Automated Management System. AMS is software which is essential for information sharing and management. AMS is useful in handling management of information system (MIS) and is essential for saving time, work load, historical data, job details etc of the company. AMS is software which assists in official work and can be used by all employees in the organisation and provides detailed information for managing, backup of data and for making quick decisions. AMS helps to make entry process so simple and enables business to optimize their process in real time. It is designed in such a way that it helps login with different user id and password into the same application. It helps to assess and enter official data in respective areas which ensures quick decision making. Once information is entered and saved then it is difficult or impossible to alter or delete. AMS is user friendly software, which can be set according to the requirement of the organisation. AMS offers strict security system and can be designed to use only for right person and can prevent losing of important data, juggling etc.

“AMS adopts B/S structure, its release and management of data is implemented in Web. Supported by Microsoft VS.NET platform and Windows DNA, combined with Web Services technology, AMS realizes some special functions and high performance in Microsoft platform and ensures it advanced, reliable, and efficient.” (AMS Software Platform, n.d).

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Benefits of AMS

  1. AMS has security mechanism and is designed to preserve confidentiality of information.
  2. It is highly flexible and offers updating of business process and is essential for increasing efficiency and speed of operations.
  3. Solving issues is possible as the system provides enquiry search and management will be quicker.
  4. Better management of data and assessing is possible and avoids data redundancy.

Other Issues and its Solution

Some problems in ELI are easy to solve. Disaster Management System and Recovery Planning System is essential to be implemented to save from uncertainties and risks. Volcano site is near to the office and this arise a great chance of arising risk to human life and physical asset. Volcano disaster can be minimised by adopting effective measures.

“Seismic monitoring is one of the most common ways to keep track of volcanic activity. Seismometers monitor earth movement, including the earthquakes and tremors that sometimes indicate volcanic activity like underground magma movement.” (Papers on disaster management and volcanoes and similar term paper topics, 2008).

Business Impact Analysis displays the likely losses or impact in monetary terms after the possible disaster. The most important aspect that needs to be ensured is the safety of the personnel in the event of threat of volcanic activities being received. If possible, back up files of important transactions could also be secured. It is also necessary to have the building made of fire resistant and the interiors made of fire retardant materials, which could withstand high heat temperatures. If volcano or other natural disaster occurs, ELI will lose their building, their complete stored data as well as their valuable human asset.

Business Continuity Plan should include the plan for Disaster Recovery Process. Disaster Recovery Process is the responsibilities and actions to be taken in order to minimise the disaster effect. It can be taken on every aspects of business.

Crisis management programs are important to solve various issues and are essential to involve all staff in the process. Crisis management should focus on major areas, such as employee morale, customer services, meeting liabilities and temporary loss and attaining competitive advantage.


It is concluded that net work problems and data handling and storing problems can be solved with the help of AMS. The major issues are with regard to protection of sensitive data, particularly legal obligation of employer to maintain confidential health records of employees. In addition, the transmission of information through internet cannot be said as so much secure and is essential to implement proper anti virus system and firewall setting. Appointing of technical experts for handling computer related problem is essential for smooth running of business.

Physical risks can be protected by proper planning and execution methods such as Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Process. These will reduce the financial burdens connected with the issues and can solve ELI’s challenges and threats effectively.

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