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Discussion of Legalization of Abortion

Berer, M. (2017). Abortion law and policy around the world. Health and Human Rights Journal, 19(1), 13-27. 

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The source aims at providing a clear view of various policies and laws around the globe on abortion. The author, Berer, has played a vital role in establishing a number of social issues focusing on sex, reproductive health, and abortion making her an expert in the field. The article emphasizes on illegalizing unsafe abortion and legalizing such safe practices under specific exceptional grounds. The source supports my argument by explaining extreme conditions under which safe abortion should be legalised to prevent detrimental consequences. Apart from explaining specific exceptional grounds to legalize abortion, the source tries to explain several policies and laws of different countries and states governing the practice of abortion. In addition, the article reveals the biggest challenges when reforming policies and laws on abortion. According to Berer, safe abortion means a woman’s consent should be sought, and the services should be readily accessible without unnecessary restrictions.

Bixby Center. (2016). Abortion restrictions put women’s health, safety and wellbeing at risk [Ebook] (pp. 1-2). University of California, San Francisco.

The source concentrates on the implication of abortion restrictions being practiced in some states. It provides a clear argument supporting abortion as a normal and safe medical procedure. The sponsor, Bixby Center for Global Reproduction Health, is amongst the leading organization for training and unique advocacy for sexual and reproductive health. The source supports my work by explaining how laws and policies restricting abortion care services do not enhance its safety thus, putting a number of women’s lives at stake. I am arguing in support of abortion legalization in certain special cases. The article is useful since it supports my argument by clarifying how limited abortion services force women to keep unintended pregnancies. Such scenarios propagate mental illness and depression due to violence at homes between partners. The source argues how current laws and policies governing the practice of abortion are likely to cause more damage than repair.

Boonstra, H. (2016). Abortion in the lives of women struggling financially: why insurance coverage matters. Guttmacher Policy Review, 19, 46-52. (Journal).

The source provides a deeper insight into how financially unstable women experience challenges while accessing safe abortion services. It explains how the Hyde Amendment prevented women under Medicaid insurance from accessing abortion services. The act made such a personal reproductive decision to be a privilege for the chosen few who can afford it instead of being a fundamental right to all women. Boonstra is the public policy director superintending the formulation and implementation of various health and human rights guidelines. In the beginning, the article seems to counteract my argument of legalizing abortion under extreme grounds. However, in the end, it proves useful as it explains some scenarios requiring abortion legalization. For instance, it supports abortion when the mother is facing financial turmoil, if the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest, and when her life is at risk. Such exceptional grounds are also the foundation of my argument.

Dinethri, R., Roshanthan, N., Perera, M., Wasana, W., Perera, A., & Vidanapathirana, M. et al. (2016). Abortion and its legalization: an overview of the opinion of doctors in Colombo South Teaching Hospital, Sri Lanka. Medico-Legal Journal of Sri Lanka, 4(1), 11-19. Web. 

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The source focuses on doctor’s opinions on the matters of abortion according to laws and policies in Sri Lanka. From the article, abortion is amongst the causes of maternal death, requiring a change in the legal system governing the practice. It is important to assess a mother’s health by qualified doctors before conducting an abortion. In addition to the mother’s health, the source supports my argument by incorporating other exceptional instances such as incest and rape when legalizing abortion. However, the source disagrees on the inclusion of social conditions such as poverty when legalizing abortion. Such a counteractive argument is significant when assessing policies to promote safe abortions under unavoidable circumstances.

Machado, L. (2017). Abortion as a right and abortion as a crime: the neoconservative setback. Cadernos Pagu, (50). Web.

The source supports abortion when pregnancy was as a result of rape. The author of the article is a designated professor at the University of Brasilia, having completed many projects on feminist social programs and movements. The source compares and contrasts the Catholic community religious arguments prohibiting abortion and terming it a sin. However, many debates emerged explaining how women’s rights to physical and psychic integrity and general health services are limited due to abortion restrictions. For instance, the article cites the importance of abortion to maintain the dignity and honor of women incase it was a result of criminal-related cases, hence, supporting my argument. Similarly, the article’s information clarifying various laws and policies in several Latin American nations and European countries legalizing abortion and neoconservative responses is quite relevant to my argument.

Rajamanickam, R., Kok Ann, T., Noor Azira Tengku Zainudin, T., & Azam Mohd Shariff, A. (2018). Termination of pregnancy by rape victim: the dilemma in Malaysian criminal law. International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 7(3.30), 159-162. Web.

The article analyzes various legal positions in relation to abortion in Malaysia, Singapore, and India. Unlike other sources, it explains how abortion is a medical practice for both young girls and adults. Abortion is a stern offense subjected to punishment according to the Malaysian Penal Code. However, the article provides essential information according to the Penal Code of Malaysian legalizing abortion if rape was involved. Although laws and policies are inadequate protecting victims of rape in Malaysia, as compared to Singapore and India, there is a resemblance in all the three countries trying to protect rape victims. They all agree to categorize a victim of rape as an exception hence legalizing abortion under such grounds. In addition, the source proves useful by explaining challenges in the legal systems of some countries hindering abortion. My argument is built on such life-threatening challenges hence the need to legalize abortion by amending the laws as suggested by the article.

Ziegler, M. (2017). The disability politics of abortion. Utah Law Review, 2017(3), 587-631.

The source focuses on abortion due to genetic complications of the fetus. It explains how some states, such as Ohio try to amend their policies regarding abortion. The author Mary Ziegler is a renowned Florida State University College of Law professor. Her credibility is uncompromising due to her experience in reproductive health and sexuality. Her article proves useful by explaining a number of arguments about legalizing abortion. Also, it provides insights on challenges being faced by disabled individuals on legal matters of abortion. It explains why some parents decide to terminate pregnancies due to disability with the fear of poverty and high cases of unemployment amongst such marginalized community members. The article supports my argument by explicating the need to legalize abortion under such unique social challenges.

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