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Doctors and Teachers Comparison

The role of doctors and teachers is crucial. In the past, these professions were appreciated; nowadays, people take them for granted. Doctors and teachers work with people and have almost the same salaries, but their working conditions and the results of work vary. The essay explains the differences and similarities between doctors and teachers.

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First, teachers and doctors get almost the same salaries nowadays. The stats shows that people from the spheres of medicine and education can get about $30 per hour. They want to earn more, therefore they try to find additional incomes: doctors like to choose private instead of governmental organizations, and teachers take extra classes. Unfortunately, not all doctors can start working independently, thus teachers may take private lessons all the time.

Second, both professions are connected with providing people with a number of important services. Doctors treat people and promote health, and teachers learn people and promote knowledge. Still, usually, older people address doctors, while young people are in need of education. Even if the presence of doctors and teachers is indefeasible, the presence of doctors proves that people have some problems with health, and the presence of teachers demonstrates human abilities to obtain new knowledge.

At the same time, working conditions of doctors and teachers differ considerably: doctors are usually in need of electricity and clean rooms free from microbes, teachers may continue working without electricity in rooms which are far from being ideally clean. Though the nature of subjects teachers and doctors have to work with is not the same, neither the work of teachers nor the activities of doctors may be properly organized without specific books or drugs.

Finally, the results of doctor and teacher work vary. Doctors save human lives and promote health. Teachers promote knowledge and the development of personal abilities that can be used in life. Teachers open the door to a successful life, and doctors make this life safe. Human life is incomplete without teachers or doctors. Doctors may not only treat but prevent illnesses, and teachers can improve the already gained knowledge not only provide with new.

In general, doctors and teachers play an important role. It is hard to image this world without these professions, this is why people should respect both, teachers and doctors, because of their abilities to improve lives, make them safer and healthier, and share their knowledge and skills with the world.

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