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Dog Training at Home – Possible or Not?

The best environment for teaching dog commands

Many think that it is hardly possible to teach all the necessary dog commands by yourself; however, we can prove that home dog training is as effective way as any other is. Everyone wants their dog to know at least basic commands, but not all have time to take their pup to the training center. For that reason, we compiled five best techniques on how you can effortlessly train your favorite pet at home. These methods will be sure to make your dog smart and obedient in no time while you are still drinking your morning coffee.

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Train in a quiet non-distractive environment

Just like humans, your puppy will face difficulties to focus on their training in a room full of children or a turned on TV. Find a place in your house that has enough space, allowing for comfortable command learning and ensure that your puppy has eyes only on you and the training. Therefore, choosing a proper setting will guarantee that learning dog commands would be much more prosperous for your pet.

Train Consistently

Frequent, consistent exercise can become more beneficial for the process of dog training. Besides, such a technique will not be exhausting for the dog owner either, as it equals to the time of one Instagram session for you. Choose 15-30 minutes every day for your dog training, ensuring that they remember what you taught them. Short practice every day is much more effective than hourly coaching once a week. In that way, at-home dog training will be fun for your puppy and would not be a burden for you or your pocket.

End the training with a reward

Training may be stressful for the puppy, challenging their intelligence and physical abilities. One day the dog can show better results than the other can, and it is absolutely natural (Pedigree, n.d.). So, even if they were not successful today in learning dog commands, treat or praise them anyways, your puppy have tried their best. Such a benefit will ensure that next time the pet will work harder to deserve the exciting treat in the end.

Be patient

Every pet has their individual pace of learning dog commands, accepting that is crucial for the progress of puppy training. The biggest mistake of the pooch owners while training at home is comparing your pet with your friend’s or neighbor’s. Being patient and determined in the dog training no matter the success is the key to progressive learning. Devotion to educating your puppy will inevitably manifest results in their future development and behavior, hence patience is critical to at-home dog training.

Take baby steps

Breaking down tasks into small milestones is the most productive way to train your pet. When starting to learn a new dog command, start with an easy first step and build your way up with gradual, more complicated tasks. Systematic training that constantly challenges your puppy will help them learn faster and become a useful skill for their further development.

Take baby steps

Be your pet’s best friend through at-home dog training.

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You can achieve the same results by at-home dog training, learning various dog commands with just a little patience and consistency. The blog post will provide you with the essential tips that will ensure your puppy’s success in mastering new tricks.


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