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  1. Watching Movies in Cinemas and at Home
    Some people love watching movies in groups and choose theaters while others like watching them alone and prefer watching the material at home.
  2. Registered Nurse in the Nursing Home Act
    This paper discusses the “Put a Registered Nurse in the Nursing Home Act”. It is currently going through the legislative process in the Congress and it should soon become law.
  3. Watching a Movie at Home and in Theatres
    There are several differences between watching a movie at home and in a theater. The choice is based on personal tastes and preferences.
  4. “Long Walk Home” a Book by David Laskin
    The Long Way Home outlines the effect of immigration on American culture while focusing on the circumstances that pushed the majority of the immigrants to serve in the Armed forces during the WWI.
  5. St. Patrick’s Nursing Home: the Recruitment of People
    It is important to consider some factors when making plans for the recruitment of people to work at St. Patrick’s Nursing Home in order achieve the good results.
  6. Home Depot Company’s International Strategies
    This essay focuses on the international expansion and marketing strategies for Home Depot, which is one of the companies with a strong international presence.
  7. Essay on Soldier’s Home: Analysis of the Characters
    Soldier’s Home ? by Ernest Hemingway is a short story published in 1925. This essay analyzes the main character of the story ⭐ called Harold Krebs.
  8. Coca-Cola’s and Samsung ‘s Home and Host Marketing
    Home and host markets require different strategies depending on the nature of consumers present in the respective markets.
  9. Home Robotics in the Modern World
    Home robotics has gained massive popularity in the recent past and there has been an argument that its massive development and adoption may be witnessed over the coming decade.
  10. Nurse-Led Practice in Patient-Centered Medical Home
    The article aimed at addressing the following research question: What is the perception of the introduction of the PCMH model among nurse-led practices staff?
  11. The Emotional Meaning of Home in Literature
    Home has an emotional connection to each one of us. For example, Silas the dying old servant in Robert Frost’s “Death of a Hired Man” sees the home as the fortress.
  12. Nursing Home Innovative Care Model in the US
    The Nursing Home Innovative Care Model is a proposed solution to the problems occurring in American nursing homes due to the lack of necessary nursing workforce.
  13. Home Depot Company’s Leadership and Culture Change
    The financial level of Home Depot Company was decreasing every new day, and they needed to come up with far-reaching changes to save the situation.
  14. Home Depot Company: Customer Service Information Systems
    The contemporary business world values the incorporation of information systems. This paper provides the background of Home Depot and information systems integrated into the company.
  15. Empathy Care Home Health Center’s Nursing Shortage
    Nurse understaffing in the Empathy Care Home Health Center is just as important as in hospitals and medical centers.
  16. Home Falls Prevention, Visits and Education
    Home falls are one of the most complex health care issues, and researchers have looked into the most efficient ways of reducing home falls.
  17. Telenursing vs. Home Visits in Post-Acute Care
    This paper investigates whether web-based and telephone-based communication channels would be an effective substitute for nursing visits in post-acute transitional patient care.
  18. Temporal Arteritis in Nursing Home Patients
    Judging from my personal experience in the field of medicine, elderly patients who have left without the help of their loved ones need as much help as possible.
  19. Infinite Home Health Service
    The analysis of the healthcare industry in the United States will be developed relying on the recent achievements of Infinite Home Health, one of the healthcare services.
  20. Home-Style Cookies Baking Company’s Efficiency Issues
    The case study investigates Yamasaki Baking as a reference model in order to improve and strengthen the Home-Style Cookies baking company.
  21. Online Care vs. Home Visits for Older Patients
    The study focused on researching the effectiveness of telephone-based and online care versus nursing home visits in the population of post-acute care patients.
  22. Home Modification and Preventive Home Visits
    The home visit programs are aimed at enhancing the provision of home fall prevention education to the victims and their relatives or caregivers.
  23. Fall Prevention Program in Home Health
    The purpose of the review is to study the state of the art research related to fall prevention in the elderly population receiving home health care.
  24. Creative Freelancer: Organizing Workplace at Home
    Working in your own space, you have more freedom to decorate your workplace in a way you weren’t allowed to do at the office.
  25. Creative at Work: Organizing Workplace at Home
    Working at home is the usual model for freelancers – an arrangement that saves money for the employer, energy for commuting, and stress for the worker.
  26. Creative Writing While Working at Home
    No matter how interesting the projects might be on which a freelancer works, isolation, and colorless routine remain consistent work attributes at home.
  27. “Soldier’s Home and Out of Season” by Ernest Hemingway
    The themes of alienation frequently occur in the stories by Hemingway. Soldier’s Home and Out of Season are among the brightest examples of stories revealing the themes of loneliness.
  28. Stress After Leaving Home in Students
    Most people perceive stress as a negative emotional state, whereas some consider it to be something that happens to us when we are anxious.
  29. Starbucks as a Place Away from Home and Work
    Starbucks aimed to establish a third place which according to Schultz (Starbucks’s C.E.O) is “a place away from home and work.”
  30. Talent Management at Home Depot Company
    The leadership at Home Depot uses organizational talent to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors by using programs within the Home Depot organization.
  31. “St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves” by Russell
    The paper aims to understand the prevalence of reality and fantasy in the narrative structure of the stories “St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves” by Karen Russell.
  32. Motivating Adolescents at Home and School
    The motivation of adolescents has to be properly organized, and the first step is the assessment of the reasons why many teenagers are unmotivated today.
  33. American Urban Planning in “Home from Nowhere” by Kunstler
    In his book “Home from Nowhere: Remaking Our Everyday World for the Twenty-first Century,” James Howard Kunstler outlined an issue with American urban planning.

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  1. What Is ‘Home’: Personal Idea and Scholar’s Approaches to the Definition of ‘Home’
    In this paper, a summary of scholar’s approaches to defining ‘home’ will be presented in order to come to a conclusion regarding a personal idea of how the concept should be viewed.
  2. The Idea of Home as a Special Place
    The present paper offers a response to the article by relating the idea of home to personal experience and critically evaluating the text.
  3. “The Eichler Home: Intention and Experience in Postwar Suburbia” by Adams
    “The Eichler Home: Intention and Experience in Postwar Suburbia” compares the architecture’s vision of Eichler houses’ functioning and the actual use of such a house.
  4. Restraint Use in Home Care: Nursing Perspective
    The article by Scheepmans et al. (2013) is titled “Restraint use in home care: A qualitative study from a nursing perspective”, and it is an appropriate description of this work.
  5. Examining the Relationship Between Therapeutic Self-Care and Adverse Events for Home Care Clients in Ontario, Canada
    Self-care is one of the fundamental aspects of the nursing theory, as it ensures that patients will be able to manage their health conditions.
  6. Home-Based Healthcare Policy and Clinical Practice
    The analysis of home-based healthcare service can help to consider this approach in detail and identify potential gaps with the goal of eliminating and avoiding them.
  7. Transformational Leadership in a Home Care
    The project aims at the development of transformational leadership skills in nursing leaders and raising awareness about the effects this leadership style has on organizations.
  8. Primary and Team-Based Care Models in Nursing Home
    Nursing care models are frameworks that are used to represent various concepts of care delivery. Primary care and team-based care are traditional nursing care models.
  9. Fall Prevention Program for the Elderly in a Nursing Home
    This proposal seeks to present a detailed description and plan for an effective fall prevention program at Zephyr Haven Nursing Home in South Florida.
  10. Home Visit to a Patient with Congestive Heart Failure
    This case study is a home visit to an 82-year-old female patient, who lives alone and was recently discharged from the hospital for exacerbation of her congestive heart failure.
  11. A Care Home’s Business Analysis and Planning
    The essay describes the plan that seeks to help the care homes by providing healthcare services needed by the vulnerable residents.
  12. Patient Falls and Teaching Program in Nursing Home: SWOT Analysis
    Staff training is an essential part of the responsibilities that are assigned to advanced practice nurses since it provides the opportunity to educate nurses and improve care services.
  13. Home Depot Inc.’s Customer Services
    Home Depot is seen as the world’s largest home improvement retailer which has many branches in China and France and two leading French retailers.
  14. Eating Home-Cooked Food Is Essential
    This paper aims to argue that food must be cooked at home and that eating home cooked food is beneficial not only for maintaining good health but also for bonding the family.
  15. Patient-Centered Medical Home as Quality Initiative
    This paper has supported the formation of patient-centered medical homes since they are capable of improving people’s health outcomes and minimize medical costs.
  16. Home. Concept Definition and Personal Vision
    There is no specific definition of ‘home.’ To some, it is a place where a social unit of people resides. To others – a place of origin. To get some others – a place of comfort.
  17. Home Automation: Are We Ready?
    There are a number of helpful magazines consisting of specific descriptions on various attributes of home automation systems, some of which will be used in the Literature Review.
  18. The Application of Home Automation System
    This is a report that deals with all kinds of information related to the application of home automation system.
  19. Stress and Its Effects at the Workplace and Home
    Stress has the capacity to push many people in enhancing their focus on the task at hand and handle several activities at the same time in a better way.
  20. Gentiva Home Health Company Positive Ethical Behavior
    The Gentiva Health Company has been the leading health care company in the United States and this has been attributed highly to its best-defined organizational policies
  21. Home Loans: The Issues of the Home Loans
    The paper is aimed to regard several most widely spread troubles and matters closely linked with the issues of home loans, such as customer awareness, service by a bank, etc.
  22. The Growing Popularity of Home Schooling
    The author describes the growing frustration of public education and the possibility of choosing home education for children with coverage of possible advantages and disadvantages.
  23. Out of Home Care in Australia: Child Care Services
    The main purpose of Out of Home Care is to provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for children under the age of 18 who cannot live at home due to safety reasons.
  24. The Benefits of a Home Gym
    Due to the current economic crisis that is sweeping the world, people have had to sacrifice activities that are deemed to be too heavy on the regular budget of a family.
  25. Responsibility in the Work Environment and at Home
    Responsibility may and surely does emerge in several diversified profiles and forms. Effective and first rate responsible individual do not adhere to a conventional template.
  26. Worker’s Performance Issues: Problems at Home and a Manager’s Response to Them
    Employee performance is the main factor that affects the performance of a business. However, it is not always guaranteed that employees will perform correctly.
  27. My Dream Home: Personal View
    Although it is not easy to build or make a house or an apartment a good place to live in, I want my dream house to be a great place with both simple and exquisite features.
  28. “Journey Home” by Yoshiko Uchida
    The novel is an autobiographical account of Uchida who saw the horrors of the aftermath of the Second World War.
  29. Home Front of the United States during the Second World War
    During the Second World War, many poor people including Afro-Americans and Latino-Americans, as well as white people, could not bear the difficulties of war.
  30. Patient-Centered Medical Home: Recognition Standards
    The paper examines the criteria for assessing PCMH and the value of the medical home to patient outcomes, with their relation to DPI Project intervention of patient outcome.
  31. High-Quality Nursing Care in the Nursing Home
    The paper is aimed at reviewing and appraising studies to answer the question: what are the challenges and barriers to providing high-quality nursing care in the nursing home?
  32. Addressing a Healthy Diet at Home
    Teaching children a healthy lifestyle begins in the family, and if parents neglect certain behavioral norms, a child adopts these patterns and imitates them.
  33. Patient Safety Incidents in the Home: Nursing Case
    The study dedicated to the examination of patient safety incidents in the home and their potential reasons is an appropriate first attempt to explore the area of home hospice nursing.

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  1. Reimagining Calhoun Community College Home Page
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the design of Calhoun College’s website and reconsider the concept in the direction of changing the structure of the website.
  2. An Advantage of Cooking at Home over Eating Out
    To outline the advantages of preparing food within home kitchens and propose a solution regarding the duration of the process is the purpose of this paper.
  3. Advantages and Disadvantages Working From Home or Office
    The present paper tells about Covid-19 upheaval forced the world to change the way people work and ignited the debate on whether work from home is better than in an office.
  4. Community Health Nursing: Home Care
    In this essay, this notion will be studied from different perspectives, and special attention will be paid to home care services and related difficulties.
  5. Cedar’s Journey in “Future Home of the Living God” by Louise Erdrich
    The story presented in Louise Erdrich’s novel under the title “Future Home of the Living God” is an example of a hero’s story.
  6. New IT System for Use in Nursing Home
    The success of the project will mainly depend on if the project manager will be empowered by the management of the nursing homes to make independent decisions.
  7. Architecture: The Criteria for a Better Home Zone Street
    The home zone is marked by the area where people reside, and traffic is calm where the roads available have very many activities carried out other than driving.
  8. In-Home Monitoring for Congestive Heart Failure and Rehospitalization
    Heart failure constitutes a significant healthcare burden, which includes mortality, hospitalizations, and associated costs.
  9. Telemedicine and Patient Centered Home
    In this article, the author discusses the benefits and challenges of combining telehealth with Patient-Centered Medical Home.
  10. Adaptable Home Products Firm’s Marketing Strategy
    Adaptable Home Products (AHP) is a startup company ready to launch its first three product lines: furniture, kitchen appliances, and adjustable screens.
  11. Heat Transfer Through Home Walls
    The aim of this report is to look at the different modes of heat transfer through walls. The report will also cover conduction, radiation, and convection as modes of heat transfer.
  12. Immigration: Home Is Where Your Heart Belongs
    Ramin Dabiri immigrated from Iran to the United States at the young age of 24. Difficult times are inevitable for those who immigrate to a completely different culture.
  13. Contract Law Case: Nursing Home vs. Paul
    The paper discusses if the nursing home wants Paul to pay for the Bill of Max’s Care, will they succeed and will Paul be responsible.
  14. Smart Home in Aging Society: Real Estate Industry
    The increase in the global aging population has been recognized in connection with the trends in morbidity and mortality of older adults has continuously dropped.
  15. A Home-Based Nurse-Coached Inspiration Muscle Training Intervention in Heart Failure
    The paper aims to review and analyze the article “Home Based Nurse-Coached Inspiration Muscle Training Intervention In Heart Failure” by Padula et al.
  16. Home Automated System: Pet Feeding
    The objective of this project is to design a system such that the owner of the home can call his home using a modulator-demodulator (modem) to control the feeding of the pet.
  17. Prevention Complications in Hypertensive Patients in Home Health
    The paper outlines key aspects of the education plan that will be considered in preventing and curing hypertension-related complications among patients in a home health setting.
  18. New IT System for Use in Nursing Home and Assisted Living
    The microchip will as well store their details, information of medication if any, and the doctor who took care of them.
  19. Mental Illness in the Context of Home Caregiving
    This study aims at discovering the experiences of the members of the family who live with mentally ill relatives. Descriptive phenomenology will be used as the study method.
  20. Certified Professional Midwifery Practice and the Home Birth Freedom Act
    The Home Birth Freedom Act seeks to accredit Certified Professional Midwifery practices. The act aims at protecting the CPM practitioners from being prosecuted.
  21. Renting vs. Buying a Home: The Best Housing Choice
    The paper analyzes the different benefits and disadvantages of possessing and letting a house. This essay demonstrates why renting is better and more economical than buying a home.
  22. Fire Suppression System in a New Residential Home
    In the paper, there has been a review of how the addition of sprinklers as a gauge to fight outbreaks in fire deserves to be amongst the many countries policies on fire management.
  23. The Home Food Environment and Obesity-Promoting Eating Behaviours
    Campbell, Crawford, Salmon, Carver, Garnett, and Baur conducted a study to determine the associations between the home food environment and obesity.
  24. Women Coming Home: Long‐Term Patterns of Recidivism
    The main factors in the research include incarceration experiences, social relationships, community context, and the intersection of the factors with race.
  25. Pigeon Creek Residence – a Dream Home
    This paper is aimed at discussing the features that make this building dream home, the setting, and the upkeep
  26. Home-Based Care For Frail and Ageing Patients Study Critique
    The article under scrutiny reviews quantitative research studies on home-based families to care for frail and ageing patients.
  27. Personality Psychology: Relation to Nursing Home Residents
    The paper aims to discuss personality psychology and describe it explicitly concerning nursing home residents.
  28. Stay-At-Home or Employed Mothers – The Choice Is Theirs
    Regardless of society’s perception of the mother’s role, the core principle of a healthy family remains the mother’s satisfaction with her life and work.
  29. Mental Illness Impact on Family Members-Caregivers in a Home Setting
    Mental health problems can be characterised as an anxiety disorder that can occur after someone has been through a traumatic event.
  30. Dog Training at Home – Possible or Not?
    This blog post will provide you with the five most effective techniques on how to efficiently train your dog at home.
  31. Veteran Employment: Problems Veterans Face after Returning Home
    Some veterans may find it difficult to adjust from a highly structured military environment to one where they must independently manage different challenges.
  32. New Home for an Immigrant Family
    When we refer to the immigration story, it is not about the statistics. It is about people, their experiences, and the challenges they have to overcome.
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