Domestic Violence Article and Conservation Model

Strengths and Weaknesses

The abstract is comprehensible and excellently systematized into headings: objective, methods, results, and conclusion, which discuss the content, in brief, devoid of being verbose. The objective listed in the article delineates the rationale behind the study. Irrespective of the absence of an excellently represented literature review section, the authors seem to have incorporated it within the introduction where they employed a wide pool of studies to tackle the issue comprehensively. However, this makes the key aims be presented in a lengthy and indistinct manner that could cause uncertainty in the readers or make them lose the motivation to read on.

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Netto, Moura, Queiroz, Tyrrell, and Bravo (2014) present the problem in an excellently detailed manner hence inviting the stakeholders and professionals in the field to seek a lasting solution to the vice. They assert that the problem of violence against women is perennial and subjugating. It is an insult to autonomy, tears down self-esteem, and decreases the quality of life, with effects on family, personal, and social formations.

The hostility entailed is frightening and connected to the arising social problems that encompass unemployment, gender inequality, alcoholism, and substance abuse, and influence the mortality and morbidity of the population. Moreover, violence against women negatively affects the quality of life, augments medical outlays, and increases job and school absenteeism, as well as acts as the most noteworthy manner in which family, social, and personal systems are broken up (Ellsberg et al., 2015).

The sample size used in the study, 16 out of 32 women, is representative, which goes a long way to boosting the significance of the research (Netto et al., 2014). The biggest challenge for the researchers could have been the establishment of an approach of randomly choosing the most suitable individuals from the population of the study. Though the study is discussed clearly, the application of additional visual aids may enhance its significance particularly by making it easier to understand. The findings from the study have very useful information with insights into the improvement of the quality of life.

Article’s Central Issue and Findings

The article’s fundamental issue of domestic violence was suitably tackled using the conservation model. The conservation model typifies people as a dynamic whole about their surroundings and centers on patients who visit health facilities reliant on their condition. The issue discussed in the article is directed by standards associated with the incapacitated health of women who experience family violence, which is concealed from the public.

In addressing the issue, the theory presents illness as a stressful condition that affects the wellbeing of women. The application of Levine’s theory offers support to the article’s central issue through the values of conservation that underscore nurse’s interventions when dealing with hostility against women (Devries et al., 2013).

The article’s findings can be used to direct care amid HIV/AIDS patients. Nurses offer such patients appropriate care taking into consideration their wholeness and support them in participation towards their recuperation (García-Moreno et al., 2015). Nurses should provide knowledge and strength to HIV/AIDS patients to motivate them to depart from their devastating situations and take up a more positive milieu to ensure the quality of life.

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Differences of Opinion

Similar to family violence against women, domestic violence against men is tantamount to crime and ought to be addressed (Drijber, Reijnders, & Ceelen, 2013). However, I hold a difference of opinion related to the results presented in the article in that it disregards violence against men rather than tackling the issue of family violence comprehensively. Moreover, both female and male culprits ought to receive equally strict measures, and nursing interventions should be enhanced to assist the victims; that is, both men and women. The problem of domestic violence against men is even greater than that of women as it is less recognized by society and the victims who report it mostly end up facing social stigma (Carmo, Grams, & Magalhães, 2011).


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Netto, L., Moura, M., Queiroz, A., Tyrrell, M., & Bravo, M. (2014). Violence against women and its consequences. Acta Paul Enferm, 27(5), 458-464.

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