Domestic Violence: Causes and Effects


The phenomenon of domestic violence is upsettingly common in the present-day setting. Although it varies depending on the area and its unique characteristics, such as individual anger issues, education levels, social prejudices, etc., domestic violence can occur anywhere (Pearlman et al. 49). The persistent nature of the phenomenon alters communities where its occurrences are most frequent.

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Domestic violence affects both adults and children, traumatizing the latter and disrupting relationships between the former. Furthermore, domestic violence disrupts the very core of a family unit, thus, tearing the fabric of a community apart (Cunradi et al. 86). Therefore, domestic violence must be viewed as the factor altering a community drastically and leading to its ultimate deterioration and destruction.

Causes: Violence and Its Origins

Violence, in general, and domestic violence, in particular, is a huge cause of the decomposition of society. The quiet and secret nature of domestic violence suggests that it affects people on a very personal level and is rarely discussed openly (Pearlman et al. 47). Thus, as a cause of a rapid drop in the quality of social relationships, domestic violence is very difficult to identify and remove from the context of a particular community.

The exposure to the specified factor leaves a lasting impact on adults and children alike, preventing both from developing positive relationships in the future. Furthermore, considering violence as a cause of a drop in the quality of social interactions, one must mention the stigma that prevents victims from revealing the challenges and suffering with which they have to deal regularly (Cunradi et al. 81). Therefore, domestic violence as a cause has a lasting impact and is very difficult to detect and address appropriately.

Effects: Changes in a Community

Due to its perceived invisibility, domestic violence affects a community drastically. Among the key outcomes, one must mention the inability of its victims to address the situation. Furthermore, it may create a sense of detachment among community members and alienate them from each other (Cunradi et al. 84). Similarly, the problem has a massive impact on the children that live in abusive households. Afterward, they are likely to transfer the specified framework to the context of their own families, according to a recent study (Pearlman et al. 51). Thus, communities with abusive families live in a vicious circle that is very hard to break.


Although domestic violence is restricted to the setting of a particular family, it affects a community and its members directly since it encourages silencing violence among community members and promotes a wrong idea of relationships to children. Therefore, domestic violence affects a community in the most drastic and deplorable way possible. Unless addressed properly, domestic violence disrupts regular patterns of communication and provides children with behavior models that will ultimately ruin their relationships and suggest the role of either an abuser or a victim. Thus, it is essential to focus on reducing the levels of domestic violence, as well as offering psychological and social help to victims and their children.

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