Environment and Development Changes in Society


The topics and theories studied in class can be used to transform every society. Some of these concepts include social stratification, deviance, and family. This essay will describe how such concepts can be used to transform the universe. The current online medical information is making it easier for more people to get quality health services. The development is also affecting the health outcomes of many people. The discussion also highlights the major environmental practices and movements that can address various communal problems.

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Three Concepts Learned in Class

The three major concepts learned in class include social stratification, deviance, and family. The first concept learned from this class is social stratification. This concept refers to the economic and hierarchical differences encountered in society. Social stratification results in inequality. This kind of “inequality affects how various resources are allocated in a given society” (Adams, 2006, p. 12). This concept can be used to understand the origin of different social problems such as crime. Politicians and theorists can use this concept to empower every disadvantaged family. The “role of social policy is to reduce the differences existing between the rich and the poor” (Shu & Bazerman, 2010, p. 7).

The “term deviance focuses on various beliefs, practices, and actions that violate the existing social norms” (Adams, 2006, p. 8). More often than not, violators of such norms tend to be punished. This concept is used to formulate new theories and policies that can deter different offenses. I will use the theory to analyze the major issues affecting many societies (Adams, 2006). Proper knowledge of such issues can result in better solutions. This understanding will make it easier for me to focus on the problems facing different communities.

The family is seen as a social institution that defines the establishment of every community. Families are “comprised of people who are brought together through marriage, adoption, or descent” (Shu & Bazerman, 2010, p. 15). Sociologists have been examining the role of families towards the success of every society. Marriage is a critical aspect of every society. The concept of families can be used to examine the challenges affecting many people. I will examine every social problem affecting different families. Sociologists have been examining the formation of families to address different social problems.

The Pros and Cons of the Rise of Online Medical Information

The rise of online medical information has presented numerous pros and cons. To begin with, many people can access quality information from the internet. More people are using the internet to identify new healthcare providers. Patients can also “communicate directly with their medical providers” (Shu & Bazerman, 2010, p. 5). Individuals in underserved locations can use the internet to get the required medical information.

The internet is also improving the health outcomes of many persons across the globe. Some disadvantages are also associated with this development. For instance, most of the information is inaccurate thus encouraging more patients to take the wrong drugs. Cases of misdiagnosis have also increased. Patients have also been deceived and conned by incompetent medical practitioners (Ritzer, 2012). That being the case, people should be careful whenever using the internet to get any medical information.

The Most Serious Environmental Problem for Humans in the Future

Human beings are currently facing numerous environmental problems. Such problems are making it impossible for many people to achieve their goals. The issue of overpopulation will produce numerous in the future. Overpopulation puts much pressure on different natural resources. Human beings will continue to destroy different habitats. This issue will result in a loss of diversity. The population “will require more resources such as food, water, and shelter” (Ritzer, 2012, p. 92).

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The increasing human population will result in new challenges such as environmental degradation and deforestation. It will also be “impossible for producers and farmers to support the increasing needs of such people” (Shu & Bazerman, 2010, p. 16). This environmental issue will produce serious problems for many human beings in the future. Human beings and governments should therefore identify new measures to deal with this problem (Ritzer, 2012). The practice will eventually support the needs of many global citizens.

Joining a Social Movement

Human beings are joining different social movements to address certain problems. Such social movements are happening in every part of the globe. I will join such movements to conserve the universe. It takes courage and desire to join such social movements. The individual should also be ready to support the needs of every community (Ritzer, 2012). The individual should also be ready to fight for a better natural environment.

I will join several social movements to conserve the natural environment. I am willing to participate in different public demonstrations. Such demonstrations will focus on various social issues such as environmental degradation, global warming, and overpopulation (Adams, 2006). I will encourage more people to plan their families. I will also empower more people to conserve their natural resources. The targeted people will be encouraged to plant more trees. Such social actions will eventually make the world a better place for every person.

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