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Drug Dependency: Construction of a Rehabilitation Center

Drug abuse amongst youths is the leading problem facing society in almost every region of the world. This problem is severe and widespread amongst the young in our communities. Drug addiction begins with using a specific drug for pleasure, but as time goes on, the pleasure gradually decreases and leads to drug dependency, whereby some people cannot function well without using certain drugs. In general, drug abuse led to the loss of several people’s lives either through an overdose or insecurities caused by the environment around selling drugs.

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Research shows that almost 19.7 million people in the United States of America suffer from one addiction or another, and only 10% of them receive treatment (“Addiction statistics | Drug & substance abuse statistics”, 2021). Some young adults record that they started using drugs at a tender age. Parents are advised to monitor their children to check on signs of whether they abuse drugs or any other substance. This could be a result of peer pressure or influence from people around them and the community. Parents misuse utilities in search of drugs leading to children lacking basic needs. In the end, children are the ones who suffer since they may lack the basic needs, or in some cases, we have seen parents who get into depression and end up committing suicide.

The problem maybe be solved by providing young adults with education against the harmful effect of drugs. The police should receive additional funding to increase their vigilance and help in the war on drugs. The judiciary system should also provide higher penalties to people caught trafficking drugs. Alcohol and tobacco products should also have a clear warning on the harmful effects caused by the use of their product written on their products and addressed to their customers. Parents are also advised to pay close attention to their children’s friends and talk to the children about the impact of drugs and how to overcome peer pressure from their peers. Parents are always encouraged to know the whereabouts of their children as increased invigilation would discourage the children from doing drugs.

Creating a program that would act as a foundation to help drug addicts recover from drug usage would help lessen drug dependency. This foundation would provide addiction counseling to the addicts, provide residential treatment, and provide medical care to the people affected. This foundation would be available to all the people in need since there is a misconception about rehabilitation centers for people with money. The rehabilitation center’s location would play a significant role in its success since a strategic location would ensure high demand for services.

For this rehabilitation foundation to work, it will need approximately $100,000. This would cater to the construction of the building, pay for service providers such as doctors, nurses, cleaners, caseworkers, psychiatrists, accreditation, marketing, and research. Staff salaries would range from $20,000 to $50,000 per month, depending on the size of the facility (Bauer, 2015). Marketing would help advertise the facility, and it is hence advised to start marketing early.

Success evaluation of the project will be viewed if there become fewer cases of drug abuse in the community; this would lead to fewer related deaths caused by misuse of drugs. Success may also be measured by looking at the relapse statistics in patients; it is found out that 40% to 50% of patients relapse (“Drug rehab success rates”, 2021). The above figures are high, but if the rate in which patients relapse had a lower percentage, it would come as a success to the foundation. On the other hand, patients will contribute to the foundation’s success if they build a healthy and meaningful relationship with others or enjoy hobbies that do not necessarily involve drug or alcohol abuse.

I believe this project should be funded because it focuses on what matters most, human life. This project would not only help better human life, but it would go a long way in ensuring that friends, loved ones, and family members live a happy and healthy lifestyle without the complications brought about by drug or alcohol abuse. This foundation would also positively benefit the community since people will get to their jobs on time and sober. There would be fewer cases of accidents because maybe the driver was drunk crime would be less in communities since people will be focusing on other things to do.

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Drug abuse affects all people; whether a friend, family member, or colleague from work, everyone is involved in one way or another. This rehabilitation facility brings hope to many people as it shows light at the end of the tunnel; it helps all those in need. The facility provides mental and emotional support to the patients, breaking free from their addictions. Generally, people would experience a decrease in the number of deaths caused by the misuse of drugs. Lastly, this facility would help bring friends and family back together. People who were once addicts would have social interaction with people they love.


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