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Drugs and Drug Related Crimes


It is appalling to know that drug manifestation starts at a very stage and our children are exposed to them. Children are naïve and had impressionable minds thus when they tend to get attracted to everything that goes around them. In today’s society where children enroll in schools, an atmosphere of intense competitiveness is created which pressurizes the students to work extra hard. In a place that should help them become prepared for adolescence, they are oftentimes exposed to many negative things as well. Due to poverty and lack and due to being in a world where many parents don’t value their children like they are supposed to, children may begin to look for various ways to escape their rejection and fears. One of the worst and horrifying ways elementary students are escaping those fears and rejections is through the use and sell drugs. Some students don’t even have a choice because they are being recruited by gangs. The children are manipulated and controlled by these gangs and enter into drug wars causing them to be a menace to our society. And these children grow up to be drug dealers and ‘junkies’ for lives however short that life would be. (Dixon, 1998)

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Drugs, Society, and Crime

It’s a common practice for teenagers to drink and go clubbing where they do drugs. Most of them are as young as 12 where they are just in their school. Their parents are completely unaware of their children’s practice. They get influenced by their elders or movies and do it to show off or to fit in the society where the majority of the people are involved in this behavior. Most teenagers use their elder friends to get themselves a supply of alcohol and drugs. They even make fake ids to get themselves a legal supply of drugs and alcohol. (Abadinsky, 1996)

It is known for a fact that people who consume drugs and alcohol at a young age encounter a high rate of traffic accidents. They lose their senses and their and their care most of the time goes out of control which results in severe disasters. These accidents may result in permanent disabilities or even cause deaths. They also engage themselves in many serious crimes like stealing, rape, violence, and get dependent on drugs and alcohol at a very young age. Later this dependency becomes very high and they lose their sense. To get drugs they cross all their limits and get as brutal as they can be. (Nissl, 2008)

People using drugs or alcohol become sexually active at a very young age as compared to those who don’t. They later face STD (sexually transfer diseases), hepatitis C, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). (Dixon, 1998)

One of the many astonishing findings is that many of the drug abusers have tried many rehabilitation programs but nothing seems to work as they return to their usual routine once they mingle with their friends. This means that these bad habits are so ingrained in society that staying away from them is becoming quite impossible. (Dixon, 1998)

Many teenagers adopt these perilous habits under society’s influences. Children do it in school to be a part of the hip-hop society while professionals do it to associate themselves as bold and extroverts. They ignore the fact that this habit can be life-taking. Every human being in this society should individually take care of themselves. Children should be educated from a young age about the effects and consequences of these habits. Parents should avoid having alcohol or doing drugs especially in front of their children. (Dixon, 1998)

Drugs in Sports

Doping is the hot issue that’s gaining worldwide attention of policymakers, legal agencies, regulatory bodies, medical associations, sports bugs, and everyone associated with sports of any kind at any level. Be it the World Cup, The Olympics, Tour de France, or any other globally celebrated sporting event, ‘genetically transformed athletes’ have been stirring up storms in the media for quite a past few years now.

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A North Korean shooter along with a Vietnamese gymnast was caught for doping at the recent Beijing Olympics. International Olympic Committee spokeswoman Giselle Davies says the North Korean shooter Kim Jong-Su who won a silver and bronze medal, tested positive for beta-blockers which help steady athletes’ hands. “In testing, he came forward with a positive test for Propanolol and as a result of this has been excluded from the Games, disqualified….his medals and diplomas will be withdrawn and his Olympic identity and accreditation also immediately withdrawn and canceled” (ABC International, 2008)

Legalize Drugs

After such dire consequences relating to society preservation and protection, there have many critical arguments about whether to legalize the war against isn’t working. The famous Drug Wars have led to the death of many under-aged young people. By locking these young offenders in jails, effectively the government is rotting these children to death. Furthermore, by recruiting these young children into drug wars, authorities are keeping them in contact with drugs while it should be their job to keep these children away. Children who try to resist the temptation of drugs are pushed into these programs where they start using drugs.

People have compared the legalization of drugs to the legal sales of tobacco and alcohol (Greiff, n.d). Now people argue that legalizing drugs would increase drug intake. That is not necessarily true. Most people in a society are fascinated by the “illegal” nature of drugs, and hence want to try it out. If these drugs are legal, then this excitement for the topic is bound to finish. The more you stop a person from doing something, the more he is inclined towards it; it is a simple human psyche that proves that drugs should be legal. (Greiff, n.d)

People commit crimes to obtain these drugs because they are so expensive, due to their illegal nature. If these drugs are transported and distributed in the market, legally and monitored with limits on the quantities and prices, then they will be affordable by most people. Thus reducing the criminal activities associated with obtaining these drugs. Hence, at the end of the day, there will be a lower crime rate in society.

Also, by imposing a tax on the drug business, the government will be able to generate more funds. This together with the money which is used excessively to stop the use of drugs can then be utilized in other areas for the benefit of society, such as education and health. (Greiff, n.d)

Ban, Protect, and Preserve against Drugs

The consensus, however, is to keep the ban imposed on drugs even though legalizing it may be a good option too. An article by Robert Maginnis reflecting eight common myths regarding the benefits of legalizing drugs, and how in reality they are all false; that it is a very bad idea.

In a society, if the drugs are easily available, it would be similar to welcoming someone into your home and giving them a glass of drink. You are simply giving the addicts what they want in their hands, without them having to make any effort. Not only that, now that the drugs are so easily available, there won’t be a black market, which means they will also be cheaper and hence easily affordable by all. This is bound to increase the use of substances. Hence, in the long run, the number of addicts will greatly increase. Also, now that everyone can get their hands on drugs; drug-related criminal activities such as accidents, rapes, problems during pregnancy, robberies, etc. are also bound to rise. (Males, n.d)

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The current strategy of the government isn’t working and it is backfiring. The government needs to do something new. Legalizing drugs might not be the most popular activities, it however has certain benefits compared to no benefits from the current strategy. The government should strictly monitor the business, ensuring that drugs are not available to minors. That there are no black markets, and the transport and distribution is done by all fair means. This will surely reduce the problems associated with the banning of drugs in a society, which may include robberies, murders, black markets, cheating, bribes, and so forth. It may be hard to believe but legalizing drugs might protect us from crimes and make our world a tad safer.


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