Dual-Career Couple Policy in Organizations.


The organization recognizes, employs and supports dual-career couples, especially those who show commitment to the growth and success of the company.

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Definition: Dual career couples

Dual-career couples refers to couples whose both parties are professionals and desire to work while they have family needs that require them to be located in a similar geographical area or the same organization.

The policies

Provision of child-care assistance

The company will provide day care services to dual-career couples and/or support in any way that is within the capability of the company the needs by for dual-career couples for child care.

Assistance with employment

The company will absorb a trailing partner if there was a vacant position or if it is possible to create one. Otherwise, the company will assist the trailing couple in the best way it can to get employment in other organization located in close proximity to the couples residential town. In some other circumstances the company will accept job sharing between the two parties of dual-career couples.

Flexible time off

The company will provide time off to dual-career couples as sick leave and vacation leave. These two leaves can be combined if a couple request so. Again, the leave time that is not utilized can be carried forward according to the couples wish.

Conflict of interest

Each person sharing an appointment will be entitled to a full vote in faculty meetings, and either or both may assume administrative functions, but neither may vote on personnel matters that would affect the other’s rank or status, and neither may assume responsibility for making decisions regarding conditions of the other’s employment. Both people sharing an appointment will not ordinarily serve on the same committee.

Misuse of dual-career couples privileges

The privileges given to the dual-career couples should not be misused in any way. In the event that the employees are found to be taking advantage of these provision tough measures will be taken against them.

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The contents of this policy highlight some areas that the company considers to implement in consideration of dual-career couples where each item has its own consequences.

The company supports the dual-career couples because they are beneficial to the organization. According to studies, dual- carer couples working in the same companies have (in general terms) similar goals and objectives, have greater commitment to an organization than ordinary employees, and are known to have the will to work long hours at the work. A policy that recognizes and is pro dual-career couples therefore help in attracting and retaining productive employees.

The provision of child-care assistance, assistance with employment, and allowing a flexible-time off presents some financial burden to the company. One, the company would incurs expenses in implementation of the day-care services. Moreover, assistance of the dual-career couples to find employment for the trailing spouses may translate into spending money for travelling and communication expenses. Worse is that the efforts of the company to assist the dual-career couple may not yield good results in time resulting to extended expenditure by the company; it can also result to the loss of employed party of the dual-career couple. Allowing a flexible-time off is a recipe for temporary loss of manpower for the company which has its consequences.

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