Leadership in Organizations: Bush W. George

Leadership may be naturally something born in a person, or it may be developed as one grows up. Leaders have got a distinguishing characteristic that makes them successful in their work. Otherwise, they greatly fail the organization. I do choose bush w. George as a leader because he on examining his leadership bears ten characteristics of a good leader. He is a person of great courage and a fighter for human rights, which everybody deserves.

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Closer scrutiny of his general character, he quite well encourages me to imitate the same behavior due to the possession of more than ten exemplary principles that I do treasure very much. Although he was born in poor family background, he had a clear contemplation of life.

He was a man of vision of his business, and then he set vivid goals to achieve. He could emerge as a source of joy, a hardworking man and scholar who is a brave, daring leader riding fearlessly into the unknown, striking out against unseen enemies; generally, he is a leader for his enthusiastic knowledge, holistic perspective, visuality, his effective communication and interaction, good teamwork, the openness of culture as well as personal development programs that change behavior are enormously bestowed in him. BUSH W. George attended Phillips academy. He followed his father’s steps and attended Yale University for his bachelor’s degree in the year 1968. In his career life, he joined as a member of the secretive Skull and bones society while he still in college.

He then joined Texas air national guards at the time of the Vietnam War. He at first served as a soldier up to 1970.when he got interested in law and applied to the University of Texas School of law, where he was rejected. He then transferred to Alabama air national guard to work on a republican senate campaign and thereafter attended Harvard business school. Bush entered the oil industry, and in 1978, he ran for the U.S House of Representatives from the 19th congressional district of Texas, where he lost. He later tried again in1994, winning his candidacy.

BUSH W. George’s leadership can be categorized to be transformational. He had the self-confidence that allowed him to surround himself with people better known than he was. He argues and has debates with them. This is one of the strategies that he strengthens his leadership qualities by making it one of the key factors in his family and in his own political campaigns. He has several political advisors, including people like Karen Hughes, Joe Allbaugh, and Karl Rove.

His ability to listen and absorb well what people were feeling and thinking also makes him a great leader of transformational style. As governor, Bush successfully sponsored legislation of increased education funding, set higher standards for schools, and reformed the criminal justice system. Under his leadership, Texas executed a record 152 prisoners. Bush used a budget surplus to push through a $2 billion tax-cut plan, the largest in Texas history, which cemented his credentials as a pro-business fiscal conservative.

He also pioneered faith-based welfare programs by extending government funding and support for religious organizations that provide social services such as education, alcohol and drug abuse prevention, and reduction of domestic violence. He proclaimed June 10th to be Jesus Day in Texas, a day where he urges all Texans to answer the call to serve those in need.

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Facing opposition in Congress, he held a town hall-style public meeting across the U.S. in 2001 to increase public support for his plan for a US$1.35 trillion tax cut program. This is one of the largest tax cuts in U.S. history. He and his economic advisers argued that unspent government funds should be returned to taxpayers.

In the brief of his character observation, this was a leader who has an array of emotional strength of greater importance than anything else. He acknowledges his errors, learns from his mistakes, and shoulders the responsibility for the failure of others. The methodology is comparable to pulling a string that would follow you, and when pushed, it goes nowhere. His management of leadership involves the sense of control that is vital to team dynamics and problem-solving. This is also supported by the fact that in his leadership, he doesn’t encourage the pulling away of a single member of his team. He only holds debate with them and the opponents knowing that it is even better to neglect individuals’ relationships with those who worked closely with him.

After considering bush’s educational background, which portrays him as somebody who was in the lowest grade categories, I get very much encouraged. Although I do hurl from a very poor family, whereby to obtain a meal cost a lot, I have put all my effort to go through my primary, secondary and now still look forward to higher heights of learning. I would like to reverse his trend in grading by obtaining the best.

I would struggle to keep into practice most if not all of bush’s leadership qualities. Developing such essential will enable me to achieve the set goals in my life in a managerial position.

Leadership quality is not determined by the wealth of one individual but the majority by the inner personal character. The personal character of honest is fundamental as well as natural intelligence and wisdom that surpasses any other wisdom. Success in leadership requires a combination of different leadership styles depending on the situation of the matter of leadership. Bush W. George is one of the greatest leaders of the world, his excellent leadership qualities are of enormous importance, and he contains ten characteristics that should be used today in the selection of good leaders.


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