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Dukes Hospital Integrated Internal Business Process


The internal Business process is one such technique that its importance cannot be underplayed in any organization. It is through this management technique that various institutions have been able to rise above the Challenges that faces today’s organization. This management challenges come in the form of connection between professionalism and business management. While looking at these issues, the paper is mainly focused on Dukes Hospital as a case study and a success story of the application of the Integrated Internal Business Process. In looking at this case example the paper tries to bring out the pros and cons of using this technique and why it worked well for Dukes Hospital which is a relatively large medical firm.

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The internal Business process is one management technique that advocates for the good working platform between the administrators in a company or a firm. This entails joining the administration and the professional staff. Given the technical status that the medical field entails, it must be acknowledged that such technique is very necessary in order for the administrators who are usually not Medics and the clinicians who are the actual persons on the ground. While the administrators may make decisions on their own, failure to have proper consultation with the clinicians would render such an organization a failed one.

Management being a key tool in the running of institutions is one important aspect that has actually been brought out by the facts and the figures of the Duke Hospital. The change in Performance from the slump to the good performance is one such indicator of hoe important Internal Business Process. The hospital has even expanded to the level of opening up two new branches. The internal Business Process plays a key role in the management and the coordination of the three branches. The transfer of patients from one branch to the other is one such matter for example that cannot just be done by the management without the inclusion of the clinicians.

The clients of the hospital enjoy quality services from the staff of the hospital as the staff try to do their best and deliver up to the standards services. The human resource department of the hospital firm has worked well to the level of keeping the staff motivated hence work with all the passion hence quality is assured.

The importance of Managers in the formulation and the implementation of policies can not be overruled. However the fields of public health calls for a different approach to the way the managers ensure policies are well formulated and implemented. This is due to the fact that goodwill from the authorities (political) and the common citizens is required for the success of the policies rather than the strategic decision making.

Public has more to deal with the health of the populations as a whole and not the one on one heath care that is more specific. The main goal to public health is to identify and help control the threats to the health standards of a given population as a whole. It also has to do with the creation of policies that will support public health. The field can only work through corporation with other fields such as economics, sociology and medicine.

Political will is a paramount to ensuring the health standards of the masses are well taken care of. This is due to the fact that the political leaders provide a mouthpiece through which the people can talk. A case in point for example where garbage collection in an estate is not well done, the people can petition the concerned authorities through their leader. While those concerned with the cleanliness of an estate for example are not to be reminded by the citizens it serves to provide better services the political leaders here become a push factor for improvement of the health standards.

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Power of the masses of the masses can not be underrated when it comes to the issue of public health. Since public health affects large numbers of people, then whenever the health standards go down then the large masses would be affected. The fear of victimization and the spirit of group dynamics will cause such populations to resort to working as a group in solving the problem. This way the masses will make their grievances known through ways like demonstrations and other forms of mass action. Mass action can only be effective if the members of the given group are affected in one way or the other. This gives them the pressure to air their grievances in the best way possible.

Strategic planning can be done on public health, these health organizations come in handy in ensuring that the required health procedures and standards are adhered to. These organizations, usually work with the local community in following up the progress of the health standards.

The rating of the health standards and the presence of the health hazards in an area is subject to individual ratings of the status. If the cleanliness of an estate is not up to date, the residents must be able to note this and make their grievances known. As such it is the masses to discover that the place has health hazards and look for ways of fixing this problem. The sensitivity to public health standards varies from place to place depending on the inhabitants of that area.

The application of the internal Business Process in Duke Hospital has enabled the company to reduce on the operational costs. This is due to the mere fact that by involving all the stakeholders, the hospital has been able to bring the mind of ownership in the professionals that work with the hospital. Since the inception of the management technique, the hospital has seen the losses in terms of handling of the facilities and loss through pilferage reduce greatly. This is due to the feeling of ownership that is brought out through the inclusion of the clinicians and the administrators.


Duke Hospital is one in a kind that has worked to overcome the challenges that the 21st Century comes with it. The ever expanding size of the firm points to how the management business process can be used to be of great benefit to the organization. The nature of the firm and by the fact that it has branches and plans of expansion points to proper planning and this can only is possible with well coordinated Internal Business Process.

The application of Internal Business Process has enabled the company in general be able to reduce on operational costs ,ensure their good publicity and at the same time maintain good relations between the firm management and the key professionals in the firm that are the Clinicians.

In summary, the administrative functions in any organization are up to fail if the professionals are not included. The professionals are the key engineers of quality while the administration is business minded.

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