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Promotion Plan for the Book “Boy on the Move”


I am sincerely grateful for the inspiration I have acquired from the authors who have profound experience in the book tour. Also, I am grateful for what I have gained from publishers and authors who have opted to share their experiences through diverse mediums and this has considerably helped me in establishing a plan for promoting the book Boy in Motion. Being the lead representative of D& M I do hope what we anticipate to do will help others and equally change their perception of life.

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The nature of this book can be said to be superbly inspirational, thus from the manner, the lead Rick Hansen has been developed we intend to promote the book in diverse international cities. These would entail visiting Nairobi, Pretoria, Kigali, Rubeck, and Kampala.

Book tour

The cities selected are unique, for instance, Nairobi is a key center highly frequented by refugees from war-torn Somalia, and Republic South Sudan, also the city harbors several diverse nationalities from the surrounding countries making it a potential market for the book. The anticipated date for the Nairobi tour is the first week of August, commencing from the 7th to 13th August. On a similar approach the book tour is expected to take place in Kigali, Rwanda as from 16th -19th august.

The purpose of choosing Kigali can be allied to the fact that the citizens of this nation are still living under the shadow of the 1994 genocide and the book comes in handy as a source of hope. More so, as a growing economic hub, it provides the possibility of making extremes sales. Moving from Kigali my next stop would be Kampala. This is a serene city within greater eastern Africa. Endowed with evergreen hills and a picturesque setting the city is crucial to the academic growth of eastern Africa states.

With its history of tribal kingdoms, it is a center for both external and internal refugees thus considering its economic potential which is complemented with a reading population (Wheatley 171). The book’s promotion would be instrumental. Also being east Africa’s center for excellence I am convinced Kampala would be instrumental in advocating the book to the masses. However, it would be essential to present the book author to the masses in my next stop which is scheduled to be Rebecca’s silent city in the sprawling ranges of the Republic of South Sudan. The aim of allowing the author to be involved in the promotion of the book in this part of the world can be allied to the fact that most people could be willing to see who the real person behind the story is.

It ought to be noted that the country gained its independence from Northern Sudan barely a fortnight ago. Thus having an acclaimed author gracing the book tour would be a plus and a blessing. And this would equally boost the book sales. With its growing population and emerging markets, the region thus stands as a prime market for the book. Also, the lack of established publishers, authors, and distributors makes it a sure market.

Though the publisher D &M do not anticipate carrying out any online promotion of the event I do believe that the use of the proximate media outlets such as pamphlets, radio promos, and classified adverts across the popular radio and TV stations would be crucial. It ought to be noted that the book tour is neither supported by the publisher nor the author. But I do anticipate the cost of the tour to be minimal. The final destiny is anticipated to be Pretoria a bustling South African city.

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The city is was considered due to its history which saw the growth of modern south African youth, however, the emergence of HIV/AIDS has seen a considerable number of the cities potential youths succumbing to the epidemic. Thus, I did found it necessary to give the people a touch of hope so as not to think of their immediate situation but rather to rethink what they can do despite their conditions. Pretoria’s journey being the anticipated last leg of the book tour it’s expected to attract diverse authors, publishers as well as interesting film and TV producers who are interested in adopting the book for the screen (Vaughan 29).

The book is significant in that it provides a vivid illustration of how an individual can overcome any obstacle in life by being positive minded. And this can be said to be the core aspect that played a role in choosing the given cities which lies in some of the highly volatile regions in Africa.

Looking at the book’s presentation it is apparent that the author doesn’t have any direct link with the selected areas. This can be correlated to the fact that the book is set within the realm of western society while the book tour is designed to take place within third world cities. However, the manner the entire book is presented as a profound link to the selected areas. The solid evidence is testified by the manner the protagonist in the book fights to overcome the obstacles in his life.

Equally majority of the people in the selected areas have in one way or the other faced extreme life challenges such as civil war, perennial droughts, epidemics, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, genocide as well as military coups and civil instabilities which devastated their lives immensely (Weingand 94). With this such a symbolic relationship the book becomes essential for it relates to their lives symbolically and it’s an image of what they face daily.

The parameters employed to choose these regions were gauged against the book’s relationship to these areas. Population aspects though considered were not given more weight as is the book’s relationship with the people targeted. Also, geographical considerations were considered and this played a critical role in determining where to go and the means to be employed regarding transport.

The publisher plans to have a comprehensive book tour which is aimed at involving the entire populace. To attract the media attention the publishers opted to exploit my status as the author to capture their attention. The objective of such a position is to let those who can read participate and purchase the book while those who can’t read may have an opportunity to listen and equal purchase the book either to give their relatives or friends.

Thus the venues would be public halls, schools, colleges as well as universities, and where possible village markets (Hay 109). This would be essential considering that African communities are known to respect their traditions and this entails even communal sharing.

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The book cuts across all age brackets thus I do not intend to refrain any person or gender from participating. Also, it ought to be noted that the venue ought not to be restrictive being the first book tour in this region it is apposite to have the debate, book reading as well as the signing of autobiographies in the public social halls where the natives would be comfortable and equally those in schools, colleges or universities would be comfortable attending the book fair.

From a marketing perspective, the events relating to the book tour would entail book reading, discussions, and promotions through free book extracts as well as tea parties. The objectives of such measures would help in explaining the significance of the book to the people of the areas visited. Thus, in concern to the people of Kigali, the book would essential in giving hope to those who were unfortunate during the 1994 genocide and perhaps lost some of their limbs.

While regarding the people of Rubeck, for a long time they have been living under the shadow of drought, ethnic cleansing and civil war thus the book would help in reviving their hope and more giving them a reason for moving forward despite the challenges.

However, bookstores drop-ins, presentations, book club meetings would be of great value regarding the anticipated book tour.

After the book tour, the definite journey would head back to where I had come from. The entire book tour is expected to take approximately $90000, that is, accommodation, transport, media campaign, including donations, to cover this cost I am expecting to sell over 20,000 copies of the book for $100 per copy in each chosen destination.

Ainslie Manson is a celebrated child author. The publisher D & M is expected to pay for the book tour.

Budget Breakdown

item cost
accommodations $15000
Transport $25000
Food $20000
Media campaign $15000
Donations $15000
Total $90000


For years she has managed to publish countless books touching on the broader scope of issues affecting our social life. Using situational ironies and symbolism she has managed to etched her name among the evergreen authors. Using precise yet simple but captivating language she has attained a considerable immense in the field of literature. This can be testified by such books as Boy in Motion, House Calls, Ballerinas don’t wear glasses, Baboo, and A Dog Came, Too (Manovich 147).

From such an observation it can be attested that the author has a heart for children and in particular tackling social challenges. In essence, the author can be said to be a social creature this is well testified by the nature of her repetitive themes in her writings. Compared to other authors she can be said to be a woman who writes with a motherly touch that invokes passion among her readers. This is demonstrated by the way for years she has managed to maintain a strong audience across social spheres.

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Thus, it would instrumental to assert that she cannot be equated with any modernist author. Her works do ascertain that she is the queen of storytelling, with a crisp and articulate approach to her themes she tells it all. And this is the core reason that her work Boy in Motion was considered as the flagship book for the anticipated book tour.

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