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Effective Leadership and Ethical Approach

The problems of the world should be evaluated and resolved on the world level. When this approach touches upon the danger of famine and its existence in some countries, the significance of leadership within the world’s leadership plays a great role. In other words, the necessity of making effective actions being appropriate for some regions in the world dimensions is vital today, as never before. In this respect the world community is still promoting different ways for the decrease of famine worldwide and in Central Africa, in particular. This prospect is considered with an appropriate supply of crops and animals for making farming intensive and supportive for people living in a definite region. GM crops and their possible effects are one of the most discussed themes in the world perspective. There is a little information about GM’s influence on health of people, but there are far-reaching hopes of GM crops in terms of hunger decrease in the world.

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The idea of effective leadership seems to be pivotal in this respect, but the ethical approach should also accompany the notion of humane productive and efficient leadership skills. In other words, the previous changes of the world’s outlook for the last few decades state present-day increase of world’s population, increase of environmental pollution, rise of technical decisions, and decrease of food supply for a huge number of people. Pointing out that within an organization there are several influential drivers which can give both negative and positive results depending on how leadership is implemented in a company. Thereupon, the idea of material, financial, social, and ethical approaches are important. Looking at the newspaper article by Colin Tudge (2008) there is a lack of ethical approach in terms of farming perspectives in the world. There are more points on making money, than on making people supplied with foods. This picture is outrageous from the standpoint of human approach toward people, of course. When such things happen in a global scope, then it is a signal for lack of leadership which implies primitive values rather than entire ones.

Ethical attitude toward people and everything which is related to people is too significant for today’s situation in the sphere of business and trading relationships. People seem to be demoralized with a flow of time. One can be faced with almost no moral aspects in the reality of life. This promotes further decline, as a result. That is why, when looking at the global problems concerned with famine and GM crops as the best solution to it in a bottom-up approach one can admit a kind of helplessness of ordinary people. In this respect there should be an implementation of top-down approach which is straightforwardly concerned with effective leadership.

Until there is no humane trend in making business and providing help to people who need it, the world is at risk of constant decline and destruction on the whole. That is why within world’s most important and influential governmental and international structures such as, such as UN, EU, the US and others, there should be an immediate reaction against current problem of non-ethical attitudinal framework as of leadership in the world. Strong and ethically concerned power is able to work out and resolve the problem of famine with faster tempos. Every mighty official figure in the world arena should take into account that money value is changing, but higher prospect toward peoples’ lives becomes stable in all times. Such ethical suggestion bears in mind that all is not lost yet…


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