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Effective Leadership: Leadership Qualities


This integration paper is a brief analysis of the topics discussed in the entire week activities. In the entire week, three related topics on leadership are discussed. It includes leadership traits, leadership and management and leadership requirements. The importance or value of these topics in my personal and professional life is also discussed through this integration paper.

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Integration Paper

In this week three related topics on leadership and management are discussed. The first topic is relating to a case study on leadership in which how a business man can make his business a success by paying attention to the customer is discussed. Through this case study the leadership skills and characteristics of Andra Rush, a successful business entrepreneur, are described. From the discussion on the case study of Andra Rush as a leadership personality, I am well informed about the required skills and supports needed by an individual to become a successful leader in business organisation. The application of leadership competency model in Andra Rush’s case revealed that a leader should possess some competency such as self management, social responsibility, innovation, leading others, task management; ready to take up new challenge etc. Andra Rush achieved success in her business through the effective application of her leadership skills in the organisation management. Mentors had a great role in the success of Andra Rush and his family is the best mentor and it helped her greatly to overcome the managerial problems and acting as a successful entrepreneur.

“A critical element of leadership is the capacity to tolerate uncertainty, both one’s own and that of followers.” (Khaleelee & Woolf 1996, pp.5-11).

Through the discussion on the case study of Andra Rush, I am well informed about the requirements of communication and learning skills in the effective leadership. Communicating, influencing, motivating, promoting, and encouraging other members in the group is the role of the leader. Self confidence and leadership skills are essential for entrepreneurs. “Good communication is the key for developing good business relationships”. “The modern leaders must therefore be equipped with good communication skill and use new ways to do effective communication.” (Leadership qualities: good communication skills 2009).

In the second topic, the relation between leadership and management is discussed. The discussion is highly interesting for me as I am a managerial person requiring adequate leadership qualities in my personal behaviour. I understood that leadership is an essential skills required by managers. Every leader has to manage and direct the people’s working schedule. A leader is required to manage and motivate the activities of the subordinates in order for better utilization of their personal skills for the benefit of the organization.

“Leadership is about setting a new direction for a group; management is about directing and controlling according to established principles.” (Leadership and management: Leadership and management summary 1995).

In this topic, the trait theory of leadership is discussed. In order to analyze the evidence of trait theory, the effect of personal traits on the presidential election of USA is discussed. The height is the dominating personal quality. From the discussion it revealed that, the personal feature of height have influence on the election of the presidents in USA as most of the US presidents are characterized by height trait. “People are born with inherited traits. Some traits are particularly suited to leadership. People who make good leaders have the right (or sufficient) combination of traits.” (Syque 2009). The third topic discussed in the week is related to the leadership traits and skills. This is a discussion on the good leader requirements in any group activity. For the effective functioning of a system, support and guidance of a good leader is essential. As a part of this topic I explained my personal experience relating to the leadership requirements for the success of any group activity. A good leader should be a good listener and communicator also. (Maynard 2009).

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From the discussion I personally informed that, to be a good leader the obstacles have to be effectively overcome through the application of personal skill and leadership talent. “Effective leaders have many common qualities. Good group leaders make an effort to learn and practice skills so they can:

  • listen openly to others
  • offer and accept constructive suggestions
  • give clear directions. (Bolen 2001).

The week activities helped me personally and professionally at greater level to empower the leadership qualities inherited with me. As a business person I have the application of leadership in my business success. Thus these topics on the subject, leadership and management are highly helpful for me. Most of the topics discussed in the week are familiar for me as I am a leadership personality. I already informed with the different aspects of leadership qualities and its application in better management of the business organisation.

The discussion on trait theory on leadership is not useful for me as it is relating to the inborn leadership qualities. The concept of Americans on the relation between height and leadership quality is not agreeable for me as there are a number of world leaders who has no specific height feature in their personal traits.

In the week I attend six days to the class. My participation in the class helped me greatly to understand the different aspects of leadership in organisation management. The journalising is a good tool for expressing the personal attitude and experience regarding a specific subject. It helped me to enhance the learning process.


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