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Transgender Movement Overview and Importance


Many parts of the world have experienced a rise in strong movements among transgender and homosexuals in fighting for their freedoms. However, there have been difficulties in how society can relate to these groups. The clear reason has been that there exists a poor notion about the groupings that make them appear odd in all societal realms. Better still, the movements have formally made their reservations about many issues that they deem unfit for their wellbeing. This manifesto gives a declaration of the social change of the transgender movement, the importance of recognition for their rights, and steps towards their achievements.

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Social Change of the Transgender Movement

People must capture security for themselves as well as for those who are oppressed in any way. For instance, they should strive to unite with them in transformative means. Additionally, they should not harbor a poor attitude towards these people but realize that they too are humans who deserve the best treatment, their sexuality notwithstanding (Newton, 1970). There exists a psychological kind of thinking that propagates hatred towards the oppressed, such as the transsexual individuals because they are deemed to have deviated from the normal gender. The notion that permits prejudice against transgenders also enables non-transgenders to use offensive words towards those who are seen as sexually abnormal. As a matter of fact, homosexuals are the most oppressed in society as they are denied most of their liberties. Therefore, the society within which transsexual individuals live must act at all times to help them realize their full rights.

It is of great importance to realize that to be sexually different is a fundamental human right for transsexual individuals. The adoption of radical rag and gender-bender politics is an attempt to subvert the subjugation of heterosexual masculinity as it sustains both the subordination of women and same-sex affection. By some means, transsexual people are more advanced in many ways than non-transsexual individuals because of their clear understanding of the rejection of both masculine and feminine responsibilities (Stone, 2013). Queer liberation entails transforming ourselves and then changing the society around us. As such, what is needed is a revolution in culture to change the many years of male heterosexual dominance and the extent of gender roles. It is only until then that the true emancipation of the transsexual people and the marginalized groups will be fully realized. Essentially, the starting point of liberation lies in the rooting out of the ideas that the female gender is weak and also the queers have no right to be as they are.

Accordingly, people should be ready to discuss their own fears and insecurities towards the queers and also the oppressed groups such as women in society. In most cases, the fears emanate from the thoughts that transsexuals are a threat to the existent manhood. Due to the long conditioning procedure that builds insecurity in the males, the transsexual gender may yield certain inhibitions among the males as well the females (Koyama, 2003). Great care is also taken to ensure that derogatory terms such as hermaphrodite are not used to refer to bisexual people. In fact, the usage of their names to refer to them inculcates a sense of respect towards them. When they are regarded with high esteem as normal human beings, then the view that they are the enemies of people is totally debunked (Gay Liberation Front, 1971). Forming a working relationship with the transgender movement will automatically work in handling the social forces in an appropriate manner. This is really an issue that cannot be ignored since there is a growing number of bisexuals that society has to contend with.

Importance of the Transgender Rights

Recognition of the rights of transsexual individuals is very important in the protection of their fundamental identities. When their liberties are safeguarded, then cases of violence and discrimination against them will be reduced. Actually, some trans people are arrested by religious officials for the act of walking down the street with an attire that is deemed inappropriate for a certain gender (Nordmarken, 2014). Similarly, arrests of same-sex trans people have been on the rise due to the laws that criminalize homosexuality. Also, trans people are often killed in some countries, and the systematic marginalization has led to suicide and HIV prevalence which would otherwise be avoided if the rights of these people were recognized. Again, harassment of trans people has been reported in some countries as the interviewers sometimes require them to produce an identity card that is of the gender they are supposed to be (Serano, 2016). Basic rights pertaining to disclosure of identity and privacy protection should therefore be put in place to help in protecting bisexuals.

How to Realize Transgender Movement’s Social Change

Ultimately, there are policies, guidelines, or steps that ensure that the social change that the transgender movement is yearning for can be realized. In many jurisdictions around the world, there is a concept of a right to permissible gender identification. This is always to curb abuses that may arise from trans people’s identification. The social change that transgender movements fight for can also be achieved by court litigations (Feinberg, 1992). Activists can file a lawsuit in courts for the recognition of the third gender in the countries of their existence. Further, amendments that promote transgender rights can be passed in different parliaments in the world to ensure that the liberties and freedoms of bisexuals are enshrined in the constitution. With the acknowledgment of the existence of transsexuals in society, it becomes an important issue to recognize them as the third sex.

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