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Emotions: Why Do Lovers Love?

From the loftiest attribute or significant promise, the strongest interpersonal attachment, to the simplest pleasure, love spans a variety of healthy and supportive emotional and mental experiences. The love of a parent differentiates from the love of a husband, which distinguishes it from the love for items, as an illustration of this diversity of interpretations. Love has both good and bad implications, with its positive intentions expressing human kindness, empathy, and compassion.

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Dedication is one of the significantly important and valuable human traits, and it is defined by fidelity, which is founded on love and manifests itself even in various difficult life circumstances. Devotion bestows power on its possessor, allowing them to fight to the end for a certain objective, set of beliefs, or individual. This quality may sometimes enormously dominate and become obsessive, even deadly. It can lead to reckless decisions that are afterward regretted, and in extreme situations, to criminal behavior. Dedication is a highly regarded attribute in modern culture, as not everyone displays it. Devotion describes a person’s greatest qualities and elevates him beyond others around him to some level. If an individual is devoted to their favorite person in life, they will go to any length to attain the goal. It is impossible to ignore instances where this trait, on the contrary, is destructive, and individuals make impulsive and premature decisions that are extremely risky and have severe effects as a result. A person may eventually regret their actions in the future, but this option can appear to be long to wait.

It is feasible to state that this condition cannot be constant in a relationship between two passionate lovers that can become both more and less than once. There is always a probability of an emergence of an unexpected situation that will result in negative consequences. For instance, an act of cheating will cause a decrease in the level of relationships and trust. At the same time, emotional bursts can sharply change the vector of development of relations in any direction. According to Cisneros, in “Puro Amor,” not with his sentiments, but with his heart, the Mister had always been dishonest. In this case, a real passionate relationship between two people can be transformed due to this factor.

Considering love as an artistic creation, including all the allure and mastery and giving over oneself, it is possible to note that love is not a permanent emotional setting. Love can be described as a constant process of improvement, meaning that each partner should eliminate personal drawbacks to an adequate extent. Love can be determined as a process of finding the right balance, working on the development of communication, and adding charm, skill, and dedication. In “Puro Amor,” the author emphasizes that people enjoy and appreciate the wounds, no matter how much love hurts. Hence, lovers love for nothing; in other terms, they have a strong natural bond since they have each other. Therefore, no insults or wounds can destroy this feeling, although they can reduce and significantly weaken it.

To summarize, dedication is one of the most valued human characteristics, and it is defined by faithfulness, which is based on love and displays itself in a variety of challenging life situations. This trait may occasionally become overwhelming and obsessive, even lethal, and it can lead to rash judgments that are afterward regretted, as well as an illegal activity in severe cases. When people see love as an artistic production, with all of its attraction, mastery, and self-giving, love is not a constant emotional setting. As a result, lovers love for no reason; in other words, because they have each other, they have a deep natural tie.

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