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Description of the Falling in Love

How would you describe falling in love for the first time? If you’re about to share your personal experience, check out our sample on falling in love essay! Get some inspiration for your paper with the help of our example essay about falling in love.

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Falling in Love: Essay Introduction 

The power of love is great. Falling in love changes so many things in a person. Falling in love is a hard experience to describe; one which can never be comprehensively described. Among the greatest experiences in my life, I rate falling in love as the best.

Falling in Love: Essay Main Body 

From my experience, I describe falling in love as an intense attraction to a person of the opposite sex. However, this may also occur between persons of the same sex as is the case for gays or lesbians. When I fell in love, I felt being on top of the world. My life was instantly centered on the girl I had fallen in love with. I spent good time thinking about her. Every time I took a break from my studies, I only thought about her.

Thinking about her was sweet and better than watching a captivating soap opera; I had never known thoughts too could be sweet. Before she realized that I had fallen for her, I never wanted to be near her and yet I greatly regretted the moments I was not close to her. I struggled hard to compose myself in her presence, sometimes I could sweat and my heart could beat so fast and hard just like a parade of soldiers on a matching spree.

The best of times came when she realized I had fallen in love with her. She somehow started drawing close to me. It came to my realization that she had accepted my feelings towards her. These were happy moments in my life. My world revolved around her; she was all that mattered to me. It was amazing because everything she said to me was worth listening. She brought much joy to my life and put me in a state of mind that I had never been before.

More than ever I started being careful with the way I dressed and made my hair. I was generally careful with the way I carried myself around her and even the way I talked and walked. Before I knew it, I had withdrawn from my other friends to spend more time with my new wonder.

I was generally changing everything around me to accommodate her into my life. Not even family outings mattered, in most cases I had to excuse myself to finish up my homework; yes, my new homework of creating more time to be with her. It was wonderful that even in my dreams she was there. I vividly remember us walking on the beach, feeling the strong wind as it brushed against our shoulders. Walking hand in hand, slowly and uniformly, we left a trail of foot prints behind us on the soft Caribbean sand which, unfortunately, were quickly washed away by the ocean waves. The sun was setting and its glare was not intense but soft enough to be watched.

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The soft sunrays softly struck the water surface and made the area around us beautiful. To me, it was a small heaven crowned by the presence of the one I loved. Her laughter soothed my mind and I have always regretted waking up from that dream.

Falling in Love: Essay Conclusion

The experience of falling in love is great. Falling in love turned my world around and changed the priorities of many things in my life. She became the top agendum and priority in my life. My thoughts and actions were always meant to impress her. There was no amount of sacrifice that was enough for her; I found it exceedingly easy to sacrifice anything in my life for her. The great feeling I felt being with her was all I needed. Maybe I had become blind to other things in life and probably this is a better reason to view love as being blind.

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