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Employee Retention Committee’s Meeting Failure

Omissions and Occurrences

The presented case study describes a situation where an Employee Retention Committee is attempting to have a meeting, but it fails for a variety of reasons. The committee consists of only four people but the organization was mishandled almost completely, and no results were achieved at all. The first reason for its failure was the poor messaging on the part of the organizer. One of the members forgot about the meeting and was not reachable by phone.

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This resulted in an additional delay in the meeting. The second issue comes from the lack of logistical support for the members. This is perhaps the largest issue with the presented meeting. The room was much too small for four people, and no larger spaces were available during the meeting. An additional chair needed to be brought into the office. Printouts of important information were not prepared in advance.

Finally, the administrator did not prepare his information from the previous meeting that he wished to discuss. All of the members treated the meeting as if it dealt with an unimportant issue, which seriously undermined their motivation to contribute to the committee. Another issue comes from the lack of consideration for schedules that others had prior to the meeting. This would be a lesser issue if it was not for the combined effect of all the previous problems which made the meeting impossible (Lisic, Neal, Zhang, & Zhang, 2016).

Preparation is essential for the improvement of the presented Employee Retention Committee. Its chairperson should have prepared a suitable room for the meeting, printouts out all the relevant information, and reminded all the members about the meeting at the beginning of the workday. The meeting itself should have been scheduled in such a way that it would not conflict with the schedules of others if any unforeseen delays occur.

The mission of this committee is very important for the company. Therefore, it should be clearly established that if this committee fails to produce results, the company would lose productivity and start declining. All the members should be aware of their responsibilities as well. While providing logistical support and preparation would likely motivate the members to take the meeting more seriously, all the described elements should be considered for improvement (Serrat, 2016).

Composition and Membership Improvements

The composition of the committee presented in the study is relatively viable, but it could be improved. It is unknown whether the Hospital has special requirements for the organization of committees which makes it more difficult to determine whether it does or does not meet them. My goal for the committee would also be focused on the reduction of undesirable turnover. To achieve this, I would make sure that all the members who do not have a consistent amount of time available for meetings would have other people from their department available as substitutes. In addition, I would make sure to perform my duties as a chairperson in a much more effective manner.

This would be achieved by ensuring that all the aspects related to team composition and committee support are maintained carefully. The majority of the issues that the presented committee experienced could be resolved through better leadership on the part of the chairperson. Unfortunately, almost all of the required elements were neglected, used ineffectively, and in general were handled poorly (Lisic, et al., 2016).

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