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Snooze Restaurant’s Sous Chef Training


The following Snooze Thesis represents the overall experience of training for a sous chef position in the Snooze restaurant. In general, I should state that within the period of the training program, I improved my skills in various spheres. These spheres include my experience as a sous chef as well as team building and communication with other workers of the restaurant. I can state with certainty that the decision to enter the Snooze training program was significantly beneficial for me in numerous ways. In the following sections, I will dwell upon the discussion of more particular aspects of my training experience, aiming to develop a meaningful conclusion as the results of the paper.

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First of all, it appears to be significantly important for me to observe the level of the Snooze training team’s preparedness for providing a high-quality training experience as well as my own preparedness for accepting this challenge. In other words, I want to elaborate on the structure and organization of the training process in Snooze. For me, it is apparent that the restaurant’s training team is well-prepared since members of the team do their best in order to provide trainees with the best possible assistance and guidance throughout the whole period of training. Another highly important aspect is the high level of professionalism and a clear vision of the overall goal among members of the team. Each of them strives for achieving this goal, and it is very inspiring to watch how these people work together.

In terms of structure and organization, it is possible to mention that the spirit of professionalism prevails throughout all aspects of the training process. Firstly, the team members are very supportive, which is a highly important factor for any trainee who enters the organization. From the very first meeting with the training team, it had been clearly stated that our managers and mentors will provide us with all the sufficient information about the training process in Snooze restaurant.

Secondly, the schedule of our training routine was developed in a very comprehensive way since it allowed trainees to immerse in the everyday routine of the restaurant without feeling left out or lost in confusion about various duties for which trainees are responsible. Therefore, I should observe that the preparedness of the restaurant’s training team is on a very high level.

Concerning areas of improvement, it is possible to suggest that the structure of the training schedule was more flexible and adaptive to the individual characteristics of trainees. It is apparent that Snooze strives to provide an equally beneficial experience for all the participants of the training program. However, I should observe that some tasks could be altered for different trainees in order to create a more inclusive and immersive training experience. Nevertheless, on the grander scale, it is a very minor aspect to improve because, in my opinion, the Snooze management team does its best to be as flexible as possible in terms of structuring the training program.


The aspect of the training program’s materials, outings, and the event is another highly important topic for discussion. I think that Snooze reaches a significantly high level of efficiency in terms of providing their trainees with the best possible materials for learning about the responsibilities of a Snooze employee. First of all, the number of training materials was sufficient. I did not experience any shortage of supplies for my training.

I can state with certainty that the restaurant provides a wide range of learning and practice materials, which increase the overall efficiency of the training program significantly. It is also of high importance to observe that outings and training-specific events that were held during the period of practicing were also very effective. They created a positive, supportive, inspiring atmosphere among trainees enrolled in the program, and they also facilitated communication with the management team.

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Concerning areas of improvement, it is only possible to mention very few aspects. For example, sometimes it was difficult for the management team to get feedback from every trainee about his or her perception of the training process. I would like to suggest that a more individual approach should be implemented in order to increase the level of inclusion of newcomers into the working process. Also, it would be really beneficial if the management team would find time to provide additional comments and clarifications on some aspects of learning materials, which are not clear for everyone.


The role of the management team was mentioned several times in previous sections, and it could be noted that in general, the team was very efficient and helpful in the process of training. The experience of communicating with people who are directly responsible for managing particular aspects of the restaurant’s work allowed me understanding more clearly my role in the company and the overall direction, in which Snooze is moving. It is not surprising that members of the management team did not always have time to communicate meaningfully and continually with all trainees. However, their presence in each of the principal checkpoints of the training programs was a very helpful, beneficial, and inspiring aspect of the training period in Snooze.

Team Building and Relationships

Another aspect on which I really want to dwell upon is team building and relationships within the restaurant. I consider the improvement of my team-building skills to be one of the most important advancements for me as a professional. Developing and maintaining relationships with other members of the Snooze team was significantly easy because the overall philosophy of the company endorses and praises establishing meaningful communication between managers, workers, and customers. Therefore, I was able to form good relationships with almost all of the people I met during the period of the training program. It is also possible to mention that the Snooze team always improves teamwork and workplace relationships by solving conflict situations and educating its employees about effective team-building techniques.

The Take-Away

Finally, it is time to develop a comprehensive conclusion, which would summarize my experience with the training program at the Snooze restaurant. As I already mentioned, the process of training was organized in order to provide an immersive, challenging, and rewarding experience. The training program was organized in a very comprehensive manner so that every trainee would learn about the everyday routine of the restaurant by efficiently acquiring skills, which are necessary for performing various duties of a Snooze employee. However, the most important aspect of the training program for me is that Snooze gave me the opportunity to join the team of professionals, who are passionate about their business and who always strive to provide a pleasant and inspiring experience for their co-workers and customers.

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