Employment and Business Communication

Name of the interviewee, his position, and the company he is working

An informational interview is usually conducted to gather more information about a field of interest and therefore help an interviewer make an informed choice in the career path and other aspirations. The interviewee in this interview process is Roberts Johnson a senior strategic advisor at a well-established financial institution, the Barclays bank. The bank in question has branches across nations with magnificent growth both in asset base and customer relationship management.

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Reasons for the choice of the person

It was important to choose Roberts as a person to be interviewed since the information to be obtained addressed the current financial crisis and how it affects job creation. The financial sector also interconnects business and acts as media along which business is executed. It was therefore important to investigate strategies the bank is employing to streamline the business sector and make it more responsive to changing world environments like inflation rates. At this stage therefore this interview will be purely an informational interview process to gain insight into the banking sector. The findings will be used to draft a cover letter while applying for a job in the sector. Details obtained will also be crucial in formulating a relevant resume.

Interview questions

  1. What is the trend of the industry given the rising unemployment rates and financial crisis hitting developed nations?
  2. What are some of the available channels to gain entry into the banking industry?
  3. What education and training are needed in the banking sector?
  4. What are the major challenges facing Barclays bank?
  5. Are there any specific criteria used to promote an individual from one position to the other position?
  6. What do you find most rewarding in your line of duty apart from an incentive in form of salary?
  7. Can you suggest to me some of the persons I can consult for more information about jobs in the banking sector? (Referrals)

Experiences during the interview

During the interview process, it was clear that the financial crisis adversely affects the banking industry by exploiting its asset base. Customers who borrowed money for the housing finances and failed to pay back the money deprived the banks its business environment. Because banks finance its operations using deposits then defaulting to payment will be less favorable.

To gain entry into the banking industry, a prospective candidate must have a first degree in banking and finance from a recognized institution of higher and needs to have passed with distinctions. This is mainly because of its competitive nature in the labor market and the slim employment channels for new graduates in other fields.

One of the major stumbling blocks facing Barclays bank is the presence of regulatory authority which affects the interest rates. The federal government intervenes by raising or lowering interest rates of the lender of last resort as a monetary policy instrument. Therefore if the government wants to reduce money supply in circulation, the government advises the central bank to raise interest which will prompt people to reduce borrowing and ultimately hold money for speculative purposes. Banks should be left to freely respond to market forces and not be manipulated by different administration to achieve the policy framework.

Job promotion in Barclays bank is highly dependent on performance and qualifications in any department. This means that hard work is of the essence to gain recognition. It also depends on available channels where an individual can be promoted. In the line of strategic management, the most rewarding experience is the ability to enforce successfully a framework plan for the industry. The ability to satisfy customers through a customer service experience is a goal worth achieving in the short-run period.


To be consulted for further information on entry into the bank are Alex Kelly who is the human resources manager and Peter May the customer relations personnel. The mentioned persons have served as employees in the bank for approximately 15 years and therefore they are a reason for the success registered by the bank. The special quality possessed by these persons is their major contribution to the recruitment process thus they able to furnish with employment criterion.

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The person’s reaction to resume

A resume offers a summarized breakdown of a person’s credentials and it’s supposed to give experiences gained as an individual focuses on gaining a specific job. During the interview, the reaction to the interview presented is positive and qualifies for an entry into the financial sector. As a supplement more needs to be improved on interaction with groups as the company values most able to work in a group setting. Analytical and presentation skills need to be sharpened and enhanced by gaining experience in the banking field.

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