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Epistemology and Its Usage in Writing


The word epistemology refers to studying the source of knowledge. In this respect the reality and truth of what a man writes or says more or less props up against the thoughts and ideas being told and outlined previously. In other words, everything which surrounds an individual can be used or assumed as a theme for further discussion. A man can be judged on the knowledge which he/she possesses at the moment. Moreover, such concern is fair in terms of parallel achievements and efforts in the social or working dimensions. Thus, the need for current updated knowledge seems to be vital for a contemporary human being. The real value of life can be achieved in an extent of knowledge about this very life encompassed by an individual.

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While discussing the idea of source materials for the essay writing and current analysis of them I chose two different writing papers considered with, as for me, rather significant ideas for life. “Management in Business” and “U.S’ role in withdrawal of troops in Iraq” provide a scope of ideas and statements which I use for making my everyday conviction in state and economic affairs rather strong and untouchable. Having personal opinions of the serious themes diminishes the influence of other opinions on me. Thus, it does not mean that I reduce every rationale toward a definite problem. Authoritative sources of information contemplate a rather deep and gradual research in a particular area of work or knowledge.

This is why in my writing I tried to implement the reciprocal approach toward the ideas reflected in both papers. It means that both scientific thoughts and social or political surveys on the problem were taken into account for making my suppositions and assumptions argumentative and logical. Thereupon, in terms of management in business the idea of current well-known examples of successful people and events being etalons for making people concerned about the problem of “positive” rational course of actions was supported by modern data from official educational and expert websites in this field. This is why my own ideas were not so vague and unpersuasive. Referring to last updated sources I suggested a background for present day situation in the sphere of business management with space for a reader’s assumptions as for the future development in this sphere also with past prospects regarding business historical data. Epistemology serves here as an indicator of a writer’s credibility and capability to use literature sources for making statements in the paper or work more attractive and convincing, as it was mentioned before. In this respect even if a person has own thoughts about a definite significant topic of discussion, the evaluation of such papers by authoritative representatives (teachers, professors, lecturers) may have doubts or disagreements at all, unless being referred to or marked with an author’s standpoints in the body of the text.

To develop my understanding in a particular field of interests I look, first of all, at the contemporary extent of research in this particular area of knowledge. Then I invoke my personal attitude toward the main ideas about the issue and its implementation in both theoretical and practical dimensions. In this case I see at the results of the practical part most of all, as a final estimation about some definite problem. In this respect I attempted to find out the key objectives of the war in Iraq and the role of the US participation in this conflict. My thoughts seem to be banal because of the bilateral approach toward the idea of war: one can be for or against it. On the other hand, my arguments as of my position can be similar to other individuals, but they presuppose my original attitudinal framework about the case. In other words my thoughts were supported by public opinions and mass media constant discussion of the war in Iraq and conflicts in the Middle East. When you are perpetually put in the picture about such a theme, you become unintentionally reckoned with standpoints about the problem. By this I mean that my opinion is implied in the essay without additional resources because of straightforward relation of the problem to my social and political position as of global change and transformations in the world.


To sum up, I attempted to work out my knowledge during writing the essay because of the right and correct attitude toward themes raised in the essays. By this time some thoughts had improved in my mind. Looking at the web publications of newspaper, journal, magazine articles and books from day to day I have a deep persuasion that if an issue is specific in its theme and evaluation a reporter or writer should definitely refer to proper sources. If there is a widely or universally discussed theme, he or she is able to provide own thoughts in order to make the discussion even wider. All in all, epistemology is rather usable in my case. I do not want to be an illiterate and unconversant man in my life. Development of the epistemological approach in me serves as a guarantee for further success and conviction in everyday environments and people filling it.

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