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Essential Human Skills Always Needed


In normal daily life, everybody seems to be very busy. Sometimes, they do not even think about themselves. These people really do not notice certain skills they need. “However, there are skills that some people have that allow them to be more effective in certain areas of life” (Mastering a skill, 2010, para.2). In order to lead a good successful life, it is a prerequisite that many skills are required. This essay includes a description of one of those skills, which are very important in our life at many stages in present condition. It is sure that mastering those skills surely helps the people in doing their task or different activities. One of those skills most people lack but surely gets benefit from mastering is computer skill.

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Benefits from computer skills

Mastering computer skill never puts any people flipside at any time or anywhere. This will only provide a colossal advantage or it will open up a door full of opportunities. Getting or acquiring skills in the computer will only provide more benefits for all groups of people. There is no limitation or age bar for acquiring skills in computers. Even if it is a student, employee, housewife, old man, everyone can master the computer skills.

We can call a computer an electronic device that is capable of storing and processing the information that the user inputs. In the present condition, computers are very important for people all over the globe. All sorts of people know what a computer is, but they do not know how to use a computer thoroughly. There are some others who do not know or heard about a computer.

By having good knowledge of computers, it is easier for one to work than those who do not have the knowledge in computer. An example to highlight this fact is, consider that one needs to prepare a proposal. If one has got computer skill he/she can easily type the matter on the computer. If any mistakes arise he/she can correct them on the computer itself. Once finished, he/she can take the printout of the proposal. There is no need to write or worry about one’s own handwriting.

In the case of a student, if he needs to prepare any assignment, then it is very easy to prepare it with the help of a computer. Once the student prepares the assignment, he can save a copy of the assignment on the hard disk or on the thumb drive. With this, the advantage is that the student can look back on the previous assignment. There is no need to worry about the loss of data. In contrast to this, if the student lacks computer knowledge he/she faces intricacy if he/she loses the original work.

In the case of a presenter who needs to present something, if he/she got computer skills then he/she can make his/her presentation more attractive. It is like the presenter can make presentation slides with the help of a computer using PowerPoint. With this, the presenter can show visuals to the audience on what the presenter is talking about. Apart from that, the presenter can show pictures, graphics, and graphs while taking the presentation. This will grab the attraction of the audience. Recent research held in the United States highlights this fact. That is the audience will always pay more attention to the presentation if there are any visuals than those without having visuals.

The Boss of the company always aims to get a high skillful person as his worker. The reason behind this is an only a skillful person can make more benefit for the organization. So a person having computer knowledge always has an advantage in getting a job compared to one who does not have computer knowledge. Many companies are not ready to train people who are lacking computer skills. It is because the company always aims to increase its productivity by having a high skillful person.

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Consequences of not having the computer skill

The consequences of not having computer skills will be a huge setback in the present condition. It will be just like reading and writing. If a person does not know how to read and write, he should always seek another person’s help. The condition will be similar if a person lacks computer skills. A person who lacks computer skills is just like a person who is tied with a rope. Most important, nowadays computer skill is mandatory for getting a job. Apart from this, most of the social connections taking place presently are through computers. So, people lacking computer skills are will always put away from these possessions.


It is prerequisite that in future everyone should gain computer skill in order to function properly. Otherwise, everything will be out of control. A person who lacks computer skills has to sit out of modern society. So, it is necessary that everyone should acclimatize with computer skills.


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