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The Main Theses of Healthy Relationship


A healthy relationship refers to a good relation with the people around you whereby there are no instances of quarrel or disagreements over given issues. Not every person in the society knows how to maintain healthy or good relationship with the people around him or her and this is the reason you find that there very many broke relationships in the society. (Harry, 2008)

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Factors that enhance healthy relationship

There are certain factors that play great role in maintaining healthy relationships among people in the society and which in most cases should be followed in order to have good relationships with people around us. These factors include the following

You should work towards your happiness

As a partner in a relationship you should work towards achieving happiness in that relationship and this can only be achieved through understanding of certain concepts. First accept who you are, acceptance of who you are will give you confidence when handling issues in the relationship, this is because you will not accept anything that will intimidate your dignity hence you will be happy in that relationship. Secondly respect yourself; if you respect yourself other will respect you too, its out of that the other party in the relationship will also respect you. If you don’t respect yourself it will be difficult for other people to respect hence you will suffer in the relationship. (Harry, 2008)

Every person in the relationship should strive towards achieving his or her own happiness in the relationship. This is because many people in society expect other people to give them happiness and in most cases you find that even though in a relationship every person is more concerned about his or her life. Because of this in order to achieve a healthy relationship with your partner you should ensure that you are working towards your happiness as well as his or her happiness. (Harry, 2008)

Make and keep clear agreements

One thing people should understand while in a relationship is that you are different from the other and every one of you has his own likes and dislikes as well as principles. It is important to make and keep clear agreements on certain issues which concern both of you, before you conclude on something you should first reach a common agreement or plan on the issue at hand and then make a commitment to it. Both of the partners should ensure that they work towards achieving the agreement, it would be difficult for one partner to adhere to the agreement while the other to keep on failing. In such a case it is advisable to leave the relationship since you will keep on quarrelling over simple matters. (Margret 2010)


Common is a very essential tool in success of any partnership not only in a relationship, in order for a relationship to be successful and healthy there should be efficient communication whereby there is free flow of information between the partners. Good communication enables partners in a relationship to understand each other better and also to understand each others point of view in different issues hence creating a common understanding and agreement between the partners. (Margret 2010)


Forgiveness is very important in the society we are in and especially as it concerns relationships, this is because it gives the other person room in the relationship. Forgiveness is a choice one makes of letting go what has been done to you however hurting it may be. You should talk about the issue with your partner and let go whatever thing he or she has done to you; at the same time you should let him or her know that you have forgiven him for the relationship to continue and to regain back happiness. (Harry, 2008)

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