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Ethnic Activism and Scholarships


In recent years, more and more scholars who research the ethnic diversity of countries have been engaged in ethnic activism. Historians, sociologists, and anthropologists have found and continue to improve activities aimed at restoring and increasing the visibility of small ethnic groups. NAES provides an interdisciplinary forum for scholars and activists involved in national and international aspects of race and ethnicity (UC press to become publisher, 2018). In this paper, the main directions of ethnic activism will be considered, and the possibilities of obtaining scholarships and grants for the development of this direction of historical sociology will be examined.

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One of the main areas of ethnic activism is the restoration of languages ​​that a small number of people use. Often, in the multinational and multilingual countries, one state language prevails, and the tongues ​​of indigenous peoples lose their popularity and can sometimes become dead languages. This happens because a few speakers of such languages ​​eventually begin to use more popular tongues ​​(English, French, Russian, Chinese, and others). For example, in China, the dialects of small ethnic groups may lose their distribution, in the UK the Gaelic language is being used less, in the United States the languages ​​of the native Indian peoples are forgotten, and in Russia, the languages ​​of the peoples of the North are discriminated. Thus, ethnic activists create various language clubs in which they teach rare languages and promote them to the masses. Moreover, activists are pushing information about small ethnic groups and their social, political, and other problems, since often such a message does not reach the federal level.


The development and promotion of such organizations require funding, which can be challenging to obtain in the academic environment. In collaboration with several magazines and organizations, the NAES has established numerous first-class scholarships, debates, and discussions aimed at promoting ethnic research and social justice for young scientists and more experienced scholars in the field of sociology. The use of money from grants and scholarships can be a stimulus in the subsequent development of ethnic activism and help restore rare ethnic groups and languages.


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