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Evaluating Budget Documents of Police Department


The Yuma, Arizona Police Department which is managed by administration police is responsible for managing various divisions such as Field Services, Support services, and investigations divisions. The largest within the agency is the patrol division and is in charge of the protection of life and property, preliminary criminal investigations, and managing 911 calls. This comprises of traffic unit, gang unit, school service s unit, K-9 Officers among others. The support services department is another important division that is in charge of receiving, keying, collecting data, and retrieving important police records. It is comprised of a hiring unit, training unit, public affairs unit, and maintenance and support services unit. Finally, the investigations division which is in charge of in-depth investigations of criminal cases comprises of Crimes against person unit, Narcotics unit, crime lab, and crime analysis unit. The department has in the past accomplished several laid objectives; some of the specific 2011-2012 goals include, construction of vehicle storage site, Carrying out double citizen academies, Continuing doing professional recruitments to fill authorized vacancies, increasing cooperate ranks among other set goals. The police budget included the projections, the general funds, and the appropriate grants fund. (Mikesell, 2011)

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This paper will analyze the budget which was presented by the police department indicating both the estimates and the adjusted figures. In the budget, the police administration saw a substantial increase in the 10/11 adjusted budget and a subsequent slight increase in the estimates of 10/11. The 11/12 budget decreased considerably. The patrol field services saw a slight increase in adjusted budget after the 09/11 budget but from the figures increased considerably in the 11/12. Investigations Field services have seen a slight decrease from 09/10 through an upward adjustment was realized in the 11/12 budget.911 administration was adjusted on a considerate negative side in the 10/11 adjustments with positive adjustments in the 11/12 budget. Quality assurance saw positive adjustments in the adjusted 10/11 budget and subsequent estimates. The 211/12 budget though substantially reduced. Records communication and public safety were negatively adjusted in the 10/11 adjustments then a steady increase in the 10/11 estimate and the 11/12 budget. Finally public safety communication center has seen slight fluctuations though on a positive trend in the 11/12 budget. The department also included funding for the new departments i.e. animal control and facilities maintenance in their submissions. (Gregory, 2011).


The submission indicated technical and local significance value and serves the people of this city. The authority tried to cut costs on some departments to major on important units that impact the people and organizations. For instance, an increase in the investigation field services will mean swift work is done and quality solutions offered to the people. The budget shows a lot of transferability as seen by the adjustments made in the budget. The interrelated duties make it easier, with enhanced documentation. The budget saw the introduction of a records maintenance unit which is funded. This is healthier for the public as it has enhanced a lot of efficiency for the people. The budget document portrayed a lot of originality; the introduction of new units just shows how it yearns to serve people better through its unique methods. It is a budget that is cost-effective as can be met as it presents those ideas and support services which people yearn to see (Government Finance Officers Association, 2011).


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