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Evidence-Based Practice in Hospital Nursing

The selected organization for this learning activity is the hospital I work for. The leaders at this facility encourage practitioners to use different national databases to identify and incorporate EBP whenever delivering patient care. Some of them include the Joanna Briggs Institute, PubMed, and the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health (CINAHL). The facility provides medical services to different patients, including children, infants, and adults. The major aspects of nursing that are usually based on evidence include prevention of medication errors and continuous improvement of care delivery (Mackey & Bassendowski, 2017). The rationale for this is that emerging insights from latest studies are considered to maximize patients’ outcomes.

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Several examples can be presented to explain how EBP is incorporated into the nursing practice in my organization. The first one is that computer systems and informatics are used to improve medication procedures and minimize adverse drug events (ADEs). This practice ensures that quality services are available to the targeted patients (Hande, Williams, Robbins, Kennedy, & Christenbery, 2017). Secondly, the organization has implemented an EBP approach that borrows a lot from the concept of multidisciplinary teams. Nurses, physicians, and patients’ relatives are encouraged to form groups that can deliver high-quality care. This approach explains why many patients receive culturally competent medical support.

The existence of specific procedures and policies can hinder or support the adoption of an EBP. For instance, some units guide nurses to embrace the power of patient-nurse relationship model. This strategy discourages practitioners from establishing multidisciplinary teams. Some policies and procedures force nurse leaders (NLs) to make decisions regarding care delivery. This malpractice makes it impossible for clinicians to adopt new EBP concepts. The good thing is that the existing organizational culture can support the process (Payne & Steakley, 2015). This is true since practitioners from different units are allowed to collaborate whenever providing critical care.

The barrier selected from the presented article is that many practitioners resist new evidence-based practice concepts. This means that some physicians in our organization fail to embrace emerging ideas that have the potential to transform patients’ outcomes. New changes can be implemented using appropriate models to address this barrier (Payne & Steakley, 2015). Such an approach can encourage nurses and physicians to use EBP in their healthcare practices.


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