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Executive Board Members of SMB: Team and Relationship

For an organization to record any good performance in meeting laid down objectives and strategies, teamwork is essential. Managers must have skills and qualities of good leadership especially in team building and motivation of the workforce. This ensures improved communication between team members leading to productivity and great profits for the organization. This essay focuses on group thinking by demonstrating the relationship of Executive Board Members of SMB.

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As a team SMB is a small group comprising different members who have complementary skills and they hold themselves mutually accountable for a common purpose, goals and approach. It brings the members together in discussing the dilemmas and the happenings of the media organization at the university while at the same time encouraging all the representatives to seek a continuous growth. Consequently, they build a team that is result oriented and functional. The chair, William, is consultative, social, has communication skills and is enthusiastic to the other media groups. This has created trust among the members and a positive approach for the members to increase performance and therefore success is achieved. Like Will Michelle, the involvement manager is experienced, dedicated in her duties and has a desire to perform her tasks. She also communicates effectively and gives feedback to all members of the board ensuring they are well informed. She coordinates all activities and analyzes the functional areas of the organization hence the SMB is able to meet its goals.

In any organization, conflict is inevitable due to changes in management. There is expansive diversity in culture and personal attributes among the employees. There may also be many teams or when there is lack of communication in the organization. A conflict occurs when a person in a team feels that his/her interests are opposed by another member of the team. At SMB, Michelle acts as an excellent problem solver who performs the role of ‘devil’s advocate’ to ensure the group makes best decisions with all the facts considered. To avoid conflict in the board Michelle is a good listener and a comprehensive speaker. By so doing she understands the member’s situation, their feelings and motives. Through listening she nurtures the other members who feel valued and cared for. Michelle creates a positive working environment and motivates the others and these builds teams and embarks change. Through the qualities and skills of Michelle, the members have achieved effective communication and the student’s awareness of the value of their contribution to the organization’s success has increased.

As a devil’s advocate, Michelle solves any problem that may arise during the board’s decision making. When a proposed course of action is proposed, she criticizes the decision and presents her critiques to the board during their meetings. The board members gather any additional information on the proposal then makes a decision to adopt, modify or reject totally the proposal. This decision is the monitored over time to establish its strengths and weaknesses.

In conclusion, for a team to succeed its members must possess great qualities. Complementing personality dimensions and sense of motivation are desired attributes. Since members have diverse skills and personalities they should work towards eliminating any conflict that may arise. This is through improved communication, being sensitive to others needs, taking a compromise situation, among others. This will ensure improved results and hence continuity of the teams.

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