Exposed to Toxins: Lead Poisoning

Family Profile

The targeted family has three members. These members include John, Magdalene, and Jackson. John is the head of this family. Every family member has a unique health profile. Medical practitioners should always examine the health statuses of their patients (Kacew & Lee, 2013). This approach will produce the best health outcomes. The profile of the family is presented below.

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Name Sex Age Health Status Nutritional Status Medications
John Male 39 Healthy Optimal Not under medication
Magdalene Female 36 Asthmatic Optimal Bronchodilators, inhalers, and short-acting beta-agonists
Jackson Male 9 Unhealthy Suffers from malnutrition Vitamins and minerals

Targeted Scenario

The above family has been exposed to lead poison. Lead is one of the highly toxic compounds. Lead is also very poisonous. Exposure to “high levels of this compound can result in lead poisoning” (Cafasso, 2014, p. 1). Lead is commonly found in toys, playthings, and paints. According to Kacew and Lee (2013), lead poisoning is one of the fatal conditions in the world today. Lead poisoning develops over a certain period. This toxic compound will cause numerous health problems. Medical practitioners should therefore be aware of the issues associated with lead poisoning. This knowledge will make it easier for many practitioners to support their patients.

The above family has been exposed to this toxic compound. John has been purchasing a wide range of toys for his son. He has been buying the same brand within the past six years. It is also notable that John and Magdalene have been using the toys to play with their son. A report was published recently regarding the safety issues associated with the toy brand. The producer decided to recall such playthings because they were believed to contain lead poison. The paint used to furnish the toys contained lead. This scenario shows clearly that the family has been exposed to lead for several years (Kacew & Lee, 2013).

Effects of the Toxicant on Every Family Member


Studies show that children are highly affected by lead poisoning. Adults such as John can also be poisoned by lead. It is notable that John has been exposed to this toxicant. That being the case, John will eventually produce a number of symptoms. Some of the expected signs include “constipation, muscle pain, high blood pressure, and decline in mental functioning” (Cafasso, 2014, p. 2). The other possible signs “include memory loss, reduced sperm count, and mood disorders” (Cafasso, 2014, p. 3).


Lead poisoning is very dangerous for asthmatic women such as Magdalene. Some of the possible signs include tingling, headache, mood disorders, and memory loss. Expectant women can also be affected by lead poisoning. According to different studies, some “allergens increase asthma morbidity” (Myers, Rowell, & Binns, 2002, p. 865).


Children are affected the most by lead poisoning. Jackson has been playing with these contaminated toys. Jackson’s brain is young and delicate. That being the case, lead poisoning can result in impairment. Jackson has been portraying a number of signs. The first one is poor performance in school. Jackson has developed funny behaviors within the first one year. He has not been eating enough food. His growth pattern has also been affected. These signs and symptoms show clearly that Jackson has been poisoned by lead (Cafasso, 2014). The family should therefore get the required medical support.

Reference List

Cafasso, J. (2014). Lead Poisoning. Web.

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