Factors of People Motivating

The three factors that Dan Pink names as capable of motivating people towards higher performance are autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Pink states that self-direction is better for performance and supports the meaning with an example, where employees of a software company provided innovative ideas when they were allowed to work on whatever they wanted. I definitely agree with this statement, as expression and ability to be independent are essential for creativity. Moreover, being an independent entrepreneur means that one has the chance to build business according to his or her vision and not be interfered with directions of others.

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Another motivator is mastery. Sometimes I think that mastery is even more important than autonomy and purpose. Being good at something and knowing that you can develop is a highly satisfying and motivating feeling, especially for an entrepreneur. People who have mastered something are an inspiration for me as they prove this level of mastery is possible.

The third motivator is purpose. For employees and entrepreneur, it is crucial to understand why they are doing something and what results they can get. I do not think I could perform greatly if I did not have a purpose. Although money can be seen as a purpose, it does not always work; that is why there should be a “higher” purpose, a concept or an idea that motivates you.

The question from the reading material that I found both thought-provoking and motivating is this one: what am I doing when I feel most beautiful? I love to throw parties and meet up with friends, but I am especially happy when an idea that I suggest turns out to be supported by all. Therefore, I believe event planning could be made into a business that interests other people as well. However, it should include both the customer’s ideas and my creative approach to it.

Steven Johnson notices that ideas should not be viewed as swift strokes or insights, but rather as a process of connection between different suggestions and thoughts. He stresses that people tend to create innovative ideas when they work together (at a conference) or discuss something (at a coffee shop, at home, etc.). Innovations can emerge more quickly if ideas are not protected but rather connected to each other. The idea that I proposed earlier is not a new one, but with the involvement of different people, it can be transformed into something that people have never seen before. What is more, it should not be event planning in the way that we understand it, but rather a transformation of this concept. For example, instead of parties for people, we could organize parties for animals. Alternatively, instead of celebrating people’s birthdays, animal’s birthdays could be arranged as a happy and funny event for the whole family. Coffee shops where visitors can play with domestic pets become popular nowadays; the same approach can be used in the industry of event planning as well.

If this suggestion is discussed by several people for a specific period of time (two to three months), it is possible to expect that an entirely new idea will emerge from the old one. The key message of the video was that ideas are results of connection and discussion, as well as yearly work on a blurred suggestion or theory. If we try to see ideas as a process, it will help us be more creative and innovative.

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